I often get promo emails from Classic Firearms, and occasionally a couple items will jump off the page, so to speak.  Yesterday’s was one such example:

That’s not the Lee Harvey Oswald version, but the earlier 6.5mm one.  I’ve fired several of these before, and although the bolt is a little clunky, there’s nothing at all wrong with it as a fun gun, or even, dare I say, a truck/trunk gun.  And ammo, thanks to Prvi Partizan (may they stay in business forever), is actually not too spendy, as seen at Graf & Sons:

The only problem with the Carcano rifles (of any chambering) is that their condition is often questionable — and I’m not talking about beat-up stocks, either.  Sometimes, the bores are almost smooth or else pitted like the surface of the Moon.  So caveat emptor.

The above is certainly not true of the next offering, the fantastic Schmidt-Rubin 1911 rifles and carbines:

As I’ve said many times before, this rifle is one of the unsung wonders of the modern age:  made to Swiss-watch tolerances, just about every one I’ve ever fired has felt like ball-bearings on velvet, with accuracy to match.  I prefer the longer 1911 over the K11 carbine simply because it’s better-made, but either way, you’re going to get a fine rifle. There’s hardly a day goes by without me looking back with regret at having had to sell my 1911 rifle because Poverty.

Now, about the 7.5x55mm ammo:

I am delighted to see that RUAG has restarted manufacture of their superlative mil-spec ammo, and Graf assures us that they’ll have it back in stock within a month or so.  And at 62 cents per pull… yikes.

And just for the hell of it, here’s the last item:

I don’t know anything about this little example of Central European gunny goodness, but given the exorbitant cost of the HK / SIG offerings, this might be worth a look.

Man, I love this Gun Thing.


  1. Excellent news on the SwissAmmo. I love my K1911 for all the reasons stated above.
    But have only fired it maybe 20 times, because ammo availability.

  2. stop it! I have no room for more additions!

    I picked up a 1903a3 Springfield not too long ago that I still need to take to the range before it falls out of the boat. 30-06 is still too hard to find and it’s too expensive.


    1. > I picked up a 1903a3 Springfield not too long ago that I still need to take to the range before it falls out of the boat. 30-06 is still too hard to find and it’s too expensive.

      That’s why you reload. My Garand would’ve driven me into the poorhouse otherwise.

      1. Scott,
        I have a Dillon 550 that I bought in 2002 that doesn’t get enough use. I’ve bought some components over time but I don’t think I bought any dies. I have several manuals and updated some since buying the press.

        Can you recommend any dies? I’d also like to feed a Garand and a Ruger bolt action as well.



        1. Check Dillon’s site for dies. That’s where got mine when I got my DCM Garand (moment of silence for the tragic boating accident).

  3. Those pics are giving me some serious morning wood.

    I’d (almost) rather peruse the Collectors Firearms site than look at nekid womyn

  4. Another vote for any of the Swiss rifles. I love my K31 – accurate, reliable, high quality…and delightfully odd. Good news on the ammo – some of the best mil spec ammo around.

    I keep threatening to grab one of those PPSh pistols and convert to an SBR. The 9mm version is practical… at least compared to the 7.62×25 version…but practicality doesn’t really apply so I’d go for the original chambering. Shame the cheap surplus ammo has dried up.

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