Posh Cloves

I’ve had several requests for details on the Goodwood Revival dress code, with requests for things such as tweed / waxed cotton jackets or trousers (“pants” in Britspeak are undies).

If you want to go Amazon, just search for “Walker and Hawkes” under Men’s Clothing and pick out what you want. (Warning:  their sizes are Brit dimensions, i.e. smaller than our generous Murkin ones, so if for example you wear a U.S. X-Large, get their XXL.)

W&H are a cheaper choice than Barbour, who are filthy expensive, so there MAY be a quality / longwearing compromise involved, but so far I haven’t had any issues.

If like me you have an issue with woolen pants (itchy), then go with corduroy, such as the Orvis offering.

I have to get it all together before my trip Over There next year…


  1. I’ve seen people dressed as period “Marshals” – – White Overalls – I still have my SCCA F&C Whites from the 60’s . with period event patches. Is that acceptable? …… or are all those guy’s actually working Marshals. ( Maybe some of each? )

    1. My late Brother-in-Law, Tom H., and Sister, Jeanne W. H., were big SCCA workers Tom was a Scrutineer and Jeanne was Timing and Scoring. Tom was Chief Steward for the Washington Region for a while. They also traveled to the runoffs annually.
      Both gone now, Tom this past April and Jeanne in 2013.

  2. Wool trousers are only itchy if they’re cheap, or if they’re an intentionally rough thread or weave, in which case they should be lined or half lined at least.

    I like wool for hunting because it’s quiet and will dry out after getting rained or sleeted on.

    Years ago I picked up a pair of Loden pants like these (https://www.franken-cie.com/Fieldtrousers-heavy-loden.htm?websale8=franken-cie.English&pi=36-7238&ci=20-5394) while visiting family in Krautland. Cost me $20, now they want $300. Yikes.

  3. The Goodwood Revival dress code is far wider than that. Anything from 1950s Britain is acceptable. Hat, sports jacket or blazer with tie or cravat, and trousers is the norm, but you can dress like spivs too. Or you can wear plus-fours. Or the standard civil servant dress. If you are former military, 1950s military uniforms are for you (though I haven’t seen anyone do a Soviet / behind Iron Curtain uniform). Or you can dress like a tradesman. Really, just make an effort to look good, be prepared for rain, don’t obviously wear modern materials, and you’ll be fine.

    Don’t expect to be able to change on-site.

    Striped blazers are an area where men can shine.

    Me? I wore a blue blazer, tie, panama, and chinos and fitted right in.

    The white overalls are not marshalls’ overalls but mechanics’ overalls. This year the uniform for most of the Goodwood staff was a beige overall.

    Take a gander here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb-JfPLBq_Y

  4. I’d like a new Harris Tweed jacket. They wear like iron and are always in style.

    My goto stuff when I used to hunt was wool. Usually it was German army surplus pants and a Johnson Woolen Mill jacket. Outgrew the surplus pants but the jacket still fits. None of that would fit in with the Goodwood Revival though.


  5. speaking of Orvis, their shooting facility in NY state hosted an open house with lots of vendors. quite a few were pricey of course but well worth looking into. Land Rover was there and took you out on an off road course. You drive with a salesman to help you navigate the course. It was maybe a quarter mile but it was very fun to do and you got to try out all sorts of features of the Land Rovers. If you get the chance to go to an Orvis open house, don’t miss it


  6. I assume a yank could find appropriate wear at Brooks Brothers, especially the Mad Men collection?

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