With all the bollocks surrounding the miracle electric cars and how they’re going to Save The Planet, etc., anyone with half a brain knows that a.) electric cars need lots of juice to run and b.) the current electricity grid — in any country — would not be able to handle the surge in demand should a country (foolishly) decide to abolish gasoline-powered cars by x date (sooner rather than later).

So how would government handle the problem?  Step forward the BritGov, with a wonderful idea:

Charging points for electric cars will be preset to turn off for nine hours a day amid fears they could cause blackouts with the government pushing the switch from diesel and petrol.
From May, every new charger will automatically not function at ‘peak times’ to ease the pressure on the national grid.
There is also set to be a ‘randomised delay’ of up to 30 minutes if there is high demand from motorists.

Yeah, that’s going to get just everyone to dump their Jaguars for Priuses, won’t it?

Fucking morons.


  1. This automotive crap is getting so silly I am planning on converting an old Dodge pickup to woodgas.
    Plenty of mesquite in my area, so the ‘exhaust’ should be rather aromatic (in a good way.)

  2. I’m convinced that although these environmental watermelons play the long game, they lack real foresight.

    Electric cars are very invasive to the environment to manufacture. They don’t put out emissions however, generating power for their electric motors and charging batteries requires more production of electricity. Instead of building or expanding plants that use reliable sources of energy, coal, natural gas or petroleum, the watermelons demand inefficient solar panels and unreliable wind turbines that each have a plethora of negative impacts.

    The fact that an electric car takes 9 hours to get a full charge cuts down on distances one can travel. I think this is the watermelons’ desire to cram us all into shoebox apartments in cities or very close by to cities. Forget about that. Wuhan Chinese flu shows us what happens when people are crammed together.


  3. Don’t worry, once the problem of recharging electric cars using existing power sources is apparent (when too many people can’t get to work), the Enviro-idiots will mandate that every electric auto owner buy a bicycle powered generator at home to recharge the car in an environmentally sound way. And if the people can’t charge them overnight, ride the bicycle, or take mass transit.
    Rapid Transit Gloria Mundi, as O Henry said once.
    They’ll get everyone onto the commuter trains yet.

    1. “…every electric auto owner buy a bicycle powered generator…”
      Not just the electric car owners, but everyone will have to have a bike equipped with a usage meter to be sure everybody puts in their requisite 9 hours/day so everybody contributes their “fair share” to the grid.
      And in a Catch 22, the bike will have to have a custom fitted mask with a CO2 exhalation meter in order for the forever do-gooders to apply a Gorebal Warming tax on those huffing, puffing bike peddlers.

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