1. Eddie boy, didn’t miss too many meals due to the injustices of the Capitalist system.

  2. Of these sorts of people (if we can call them that), Rush Limbaugh would note on their shuffling off this mortal coil that they had “assumed room temperature.” I’ve always kinda liked that expression.

    What’s truly a shame is that these creeps live for so long, while far better people are taken from us far too soon.

  3. While I don’t rejoice in folks passing, this guy and his ilk .. Rob Reiner etc.. make me sick. Good riddance.

  4. Howie Carr out of Boston would note that “they wouldn’t be down for breakfast”

    To statists like Ed Asner, good riddance. I don’t believe in the nonsense that you can’t speak ill of the dead. By that line of “reasoning” the only things you could say about Hitler and Mussolini is that the former liked dogs and the latter made the trains run on time. That’s hardly and accurate description of their legacy.


  5. Old Ed was a grumpy man who had one good run in a decent sit-com, the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ show which kind of over lived its usefulness and had to be put down and then tried to comeback with a spin off. I had no idea he was still alive and over the years the only time I was aware he existed was when he made inane comments about conservatives. Once more when an person is a bit of a celebrity and opens his or her mouth the press seems to think we want to hear and care about the noise that is words coming out of the celeb mouth, we don’t give a shit. These old famous folks are not the characters they played on TV and in the movies, they are just people who can perform like really well trained dogs and ponies. That’s all Folks !

  6. One less loud-mouthed Commie to deal with.

    Watching President *’s speech today. For all the reasons folks might think him a fool, and there are many, he becomes a complete fool when he tries to act the tough guy from behind a podium.

    No class. No leadership qualities. And he still tried to bring his son Bo into the mix towards the end.

    If getting out of Afghanistan was so damn important, why didn’t he do something about it while he was Vice President? Whassamatta, Joe? Did your dementia- riddled brain forget about that?

  7. I think it was Mark Twain who wrote that “I couldn’t make the ceremony, but I wholeheartedly approve.”
    My sentiments exactly.
    And he had a terrific cameo in “Moon Over Parador”, when he turned up in the rebel’s camp and spoke a single line of high school Spanish. A funny satire on his support of insurgencies in Central America. Would the Communists in Hollywood have the guts to do such a thing nowadays?

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