Such Sympathy

…a.k.a. “With friends like these…”

In response to my plea for someone to sell me an old Mauser 98k they no longer wish to keep, I received several emails of this nature:

” I happen to have an authentic German Mauser that my father brought back from Germany when WWII ended. He also brought back a Luger which my BIL got after dad died. No. I’m not selling it. Eat your heart out! My nephew lusts after it and he’ll get to add it to his massive gun collection when I die.”

That was from a certain grouchy old crippled bastard, somewhere in Georgia.  Then this:

“I have a sporterized Mauser in 8mm made in the Obendorf factory in 1944. It has matching serial numbers on the action and bolt. On disassembly, all the parts have the eagle Waffenstamp. It was a gift from the friend who turned me on to your blog. It’s a nice shooter, and fortunately I have a stash of ammo from Privi. You can’t have it, I like it too much.”

That’s just Krool & Hartless.

Anyway, the good news is that I have made arrangements with a Longtime Reader who happens to have just such a spare, and after some negotiation (not much on my part, admittedly), it should be wending its way to my FFL as we speak:

I’m like a little boy on Christmas Eve…


  1. Enjoy it Kim, my K98 is my favorite rifle by a decent margin.

    One thing you might want to try is a scout scope mount like this I do not think this is the specific one I have but it has been too long and I don’t remember where I bought it. I use a Burris 2-7×32 scout scope with a mount like the link that drops onto the rear sight base (so you can put it back to stock condition easily if desired).

    With the scope, I found I could out-shoot my Savage 110 that was my previous deer rifle and thus it became my deer/hog rifle since 2009 or so. (Fun fact, the Germans had a scout scope style mount for the K98 in WW2 as well.)

    Either way, lots of fun.

  2. Bwahahahah!! That’s the response I would expect from folks who frequent this establishment.

  3. Enjoy! it’s a solid time tested rifle action design and it’s a good moderate caliber that I’m sure will be minute of dinner or minute of miscreant as the case may be.


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