That’s Not The Point

At Breitbart News, Paul Bois talks about whether the foul Taliban will be able to use all the weaponry and materiel left behind by our incompetent military.

Frankly, that’s not the point.  Nobody cares if the Turbans can use the stuff, what’s really worth discussing is why the military didn’t destroy all of it before they left?

I mean, we’re all chuckling ho ho ho as we watch videos of the Taliban trying to fly a chopper and not being able to get it off the ground;  what’s not so funny is that the Iranians, Chinese and all the other assholes of the world are probably lining up to buy it all so that they can hack into the high-tech stuff, where that knowledge can be used against us in the future.

It is a monumental fuck-up, and every senior officer who allowed the equipment to be just left behind without destroying it should be court-martialed.  Ditto their superiors who made no provision for doing so in their evacuation orders.  But they were probably too busy making plans for Covid vaccinations of the troops and scheduling CRT lectures to bother, is my guess.

I have to quit now because blood pressure.


  1. Big Country had the best theory/idea on that. If we left the tech behind, then that tech is now worthless. And the defense industry now has to spool up and create newer better(?) different tech. And the US Govt will use our tax dollars to pay for all of it. The amount of money left behind in Afghanistan is miniscule compared to the billions upon billions that will now pour into defense industry. And I’m sure those in charge will be more than grateful to the handful of military commanders who “made it happen”.

    Impeachments, court martials, public hangings, firing squads, free helicopter rides. Not necessarily in that order.

    1. Pack them all into a C-17 and take them up to 15K, open the aft cargo doors and drop the ramp, crack open the fore cargo doors and hold on. When the cargo bay is clear, resume normal flight ops.

  2. Should and will are two very different things. From top to bottom there should be court martials and criminal trials. There won’t be. Biden might be forced out and replaced by that foul skank but the people who know what is going on will come out on the other side unscathed and likely prepped to start a new forever war.

  3. All the flag officers say the Afghan army stands ready to defend their country. Oh, and the 17 intellegence agencies…….

    1. Is that in Robin D’Angelo’s “White Fragility”? Because Thoroughly Modern Milley loves that book. Unless it’s something white men would do, and then he’s probably against it. You know, what with all that “white rage” he wants to understand.

  4. One of the most baffling elements of this, to me anyway, and assuming no traitorous intent (big assumption there) is *why leave vehicles behind*?! Especially aircraft! Just fly the damn things out, along with our personnel! If the equipment was there then we must’ve had personnel who could operate it, so load ’em up and ride ’em out.

  5. That stuff had been given to the worthless Afghan army, not necessarily left behind. We were trying to make them a mirror image, thus providing them US equipment. Should’ve stuck with leftover Soviet equipment.

    Contingency plans should have been made to destroy it in this event.

    1. Its shocking to me how goat-screwers are more intelligent than our senior .gov officials.
      Shocking not surprising.

      Its clear and should have been clear, to any and all with a rudimentary sense of history and the ability to wipe their own ass, that the Afghan US sponsored army and leadership at various levels made back alley deals with the Taliban to lay down as soon as Slobberin’ Joe announced the pullout. Collapses like this don’t happen because of combat, treachery is involved.

      Dont worry though. It was like 4-5 days ago man.

  6. The level of incompetence here is hard to fathom. A government that specializes in incompetence has outdone itself. It almost has to be intentional; it’s hard to believe this level of incompetence is simple incompetence. Head should roll. But they won’t; that would require accepting responsibility, and this crew will blame anything and anyone other than their own fuckup-ery.

    It’s not hard to figure out how it should have been done; even someone with no military experience like myself could figure it out (though I have a son who’s been there). Keep Bagram open, and use it as a center of operations. Withdraw non-government civilians first, then government employee civilians, then Afghan allies, then military personnel, carrying out everything that can be taken, and destroying what cannot be. All done with combat air patrol and close air support operated out of Bagram. Bagram gets closed last.

    The administration and “Thoroughly Modern Milley” (that’s perfect, DMan!) did it exactly ass-backwards.

    Fucking idiots. But hey, no mean tweets, right?

    1. Five minutes after the last US aircraft is wheels up, Bagram gets a couple days of round-the-clock B-52 ARC LIGHT strikes.

    1. I wonder if something like this is going to be used as a pretext for eliminating physical currency altogether so there’s now no monetary transactions that the .gov can’t have visibility to.

    2. Why the fuck was that much US currency left there?

      During WWII US currency in Hawaii was stamped with HAWAII to prevent its use by the Japanese in the event of its seizure by them.

      All bulk quantities of cash in Afghanistan should have been similarly marked. But that would have hampered the graft.

  7. Its not like AR’s with 30 round magazines were left around to be picked up by AMERICAN Citizens. Just the Taliban.

    And we are busy brining suit against states requiring proof of ID to vote, so c’mon man.

    We are missing what’s important here.

  8. I am old enough to remember the world laughing at us while Jimmuh Cawhtah was busy bending over in self-defense, and while the USSR looked menacing and was, it wasn’t near the threat that China represents.

    Winnie the Pooh and his cronies, must just be laughing their asses off at how easy it is to deal with Biden.

  9. We should have started breaking our toys the very day the decision was made to tuck tail and clear out. We knew where they were stored, where they were parked, who might be able to use them after we left (probably NOT the Afghanis, as they proved themselves to be about as trainable as a Pet Rock.)

    We should have made a public show of destroying everything with a “Made In USA” logo on it. Every American occupied building or installation should have been on the receiving end of a B-52’s worth of cruise missiles, just to ensure that anyone digging through the rubble didn’t find even a lamp shade worth recovering. Once all the equipment was smoking piles of ruination, then we should have cratered every airstrip, every highway, every bridge we built, just to be sure the Chinese (when they move in to take their shot on the Afghanistan carnival ride,) get to start from Page One, Step One. Let’s see just how good they REALLY are.

  10. Is it just me? I’m staggered that in 2021 the military doesn’t have a method to remotely disable an asset that is literally full of communications and technology equipment.

    1. Used to be a thermite grenade or two would do what’s necessary as you left the area.

  11. Back in the mid-90s, my Army unit was on a training deployment to Ft Polk, LA. A young soldier from a sister battalion tossed a piece of crypto equipment called an ANCD into a dumpster in a fit of pique over who knows what. That entire battalion was taken out of the training rotation to go sift through the local dump for three weeks until they found it. If I recall, the soldier ended up getting 3 years at the disciplinary barracks at Ft Knox, but that may have just been rumor. His entire chain of command at Company level effectively watched their careers disintegrate before their eyes.

    I’m sure a FUBAR of the magnitude of the Afghanistan withdrawal will merit the same sort of punishment for the senior military leadership, right? Just about the time pigs fly.

    1. Tossed crypto hardware??!! Major fuckup there. Other than on riot deployment or at the range, in my unit, the only guy(s) authorized a loaded weapon were the ones assigned to guard the crypto van(s).

  12. I’ve another idea: this was NOT a CF by the military. It was ordered directly by the White House to leave all that stuff behind and they were just following orders.
    And with the woke leadership the US military now has, down to who knows how deep by now after 8 years of Obama and Trump doing nothing to slow the infestation, there’s very little anyone will have done to prevent it who has any decision making ability in the military at all.
    If you’re a master sergeant and you get ordered to pull out NOW and not given time to destroy your equipment, you do as you’re told, especially if your officers are threatening you with court martial or worse, being left behind in enemy country, if you don’t do as you’re told.

  13. Heard someone ask a hypothetical question just a couple of days ago. I had heard the question before using slightly different phrasing to fit another situation.
    Can’t remember the older situation but I believe it was during those wonderous Obama years.
    Went something like this –
    If you were in charge / control / or directing this country today and your goal was to INSURE this country’s
    downfall / destruction / ruination as quickly as possible –
    exactly WHAT would you be doing or not doing or doing differently than what you are seeing happening ALL AROUND you today, right NOW ??
    I can’t think of a damn thing that could be done or not done or done differently that would not cause something NONE of us really want !
    I don’t really think mass defiance of any kind at any time is on anyone’s agenda now or in the future. The guts and testosterone needed simply no longer exists in the quantities required for such a thing.
    Not ALL but enough of those qualities have, over decades, been bred out, shamed out and scared out of those whose services would be sorely needed.
    Sorry to be depressing but I weep for my country because I remember what it used to be, how it was treated and how it was viewed by the rest of the world.
    Then the guilt ridden, pansy-assed do-gooders FINALLY started getting in control, either in the open or behind the scenes and here we are !

  14. The hardware should have been destroyed…but to be quite honest, none of it is particularly new or high-tech.

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