One of my favorite online reads is Powerline’s Week In Pictures, because it’s topical and funny as all hell.

However, their last pic typically features a beautiful woman holding a gun (which is a good thing), but she’s almost always dressed in tacticool gear, e.g. this week’s offering (scroll down to the end):

…which all well and good, if that’s what gets you going.

Myself, I prefer the more realistic country look:

Yeah, I’m old-fashioned.


  1. I’m probably just cynical, but I assume very few of those girls are actually gun enthusiasts. This is akin to girls putting on oversized glasses for a few instagram pics and calling themselves nerds, or holding a x-box controller for all of 5 minutes and calling themselves gamer girls. Just long enough for their “cute” picture and then hand it (gun, glasses, game controller, etc.) back to the guy cause it’s really icky.

    Sure, there’s probably some that are really into guns, but I’ll never meet them. I mean, I’m happily married so no real reason to meet new girls or anything, but still.

  2. For what it’s worth, my wife of some years now and x number of children hadn’t shot more than a BB gun when I met her. She’s now a good shot with a pistol at our range, a fair hand with a rifle as well, and still fills out a swimsuit nicely.

  3. I am surprised those skinny-assed girls made your cut.
    You usually go for the more recoil-absorbent type.

  4. We’ll, I have to admit that girls with guns is certainly my favorite genre.

    Although I’ve always liked women in prison movies a lot.

  5. I seem to remember several years ago you were the subject of a “Goodbye Kim du Toit” pictorial which featured several unclothed women bird huntresses bearing shotguns.

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