Glaring Omission

An email from Longtime Reader Preussenotto reads:

Still loving your blog, but I have to take issue with something I have noticed.  There has been an appalling lack of Barbara Eden pictures for some time. Please correct this at your earliest convenience.  Regards,

I thought something has been missing…

Hope that redresses the shortage somewhat.


  1. That’s one of the finest, if not THE finest, hoe there ever was. She’s held free rent in my brain for more’n half a century.

      1. The edges of the hair are too clean and then blurred trying to blend with the base picture, the noise pattern on the body does not match the face, the flesh tone of the face does not match the body, the lingerie is from the 80’s/90’s instead of the 60’s when BE would have been this young. Lots of clues.

  2. Thank you, looking at Barbara made me smile and I needed a smile after reading some of the Yuckystan news this morning.

  3. Great smile, delightful voice, excellent acting in a ridiculous sitcom and magnificent baby feeders sitt’n on her chest.

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