1. FINALLY, you’ve landed on an artist we both admire. As an aside, Simon cites these guys as his principal inspiration for Bridge Over Troubled Water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKv4l-DabTw
    I can hear some Loves Me Like A Rock in there too.

    War story from my radio daze: I interviewed Hall & Oates once upon a time, and they told a story about hanging out with PS at the We Are The World session. As they’re looking around at all the big names, Simon sez “Wow. If a bomb goes off in here, John Denver’s back on top.”

  2. Oh i remember the trouble Simon got in for that video and accompanying tour. First, Sefrica was verbotten because Hollywood Said So, and he toured there and made videos there so he got spanked. Then, the Union representing professional musicians, Whiney Little Bitch Local 242, shat the bed because Chevy Chase played an instrument in this video and is not a member of their faggoty ass club.
    Buncha Poltroons….

    1. Ladysmith Black Mambazo enjoyed tremendous exposure & success as the direct result of Simon featuring them so prominently on that album. Which casts him into the villainous role of “White Savior.” Atticus Finch is the most vile poster boy for White Savior, according to the NYT. Nevermind that Atticus loses the case & his client is gunned down at the end.

      An aside: I’m a big fan of the novel and the movie – one of the few times a novel-based film has measured up to its source material. Gregory Peck & the girl who played Scout became lifelong friends the shoot. The girl’s father had died not long before the project, and he apparently bore quite a resemblance to Peck. She remarked to Peck one day “You even have a pot belly just like daddy did.” Peck replied “Darlin’. That’s not a pot belly. It’s just great acting.”

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