1. Earlier you asked “Sheesh, what happened to all the good songs?”

    Indeed. Once in awhile though, they get resurrected. Irish put this up over at his place–


    These folks are Russian. When they started out, hardly anyone spoke a word of English. And there was no sheet music to be had. They transposed their own by listening to albums.

  2. One of the best ensemble’s ever. Loved it originally and it never gets old.

    And yes sadly there are more empty chairs now.

  3. A “super group” without all of the super group hype and flash, just good music.

  4. I was a teenager when the Traveling Wilburys arrived on the music ace and didn’t fully appreciate how amazing they were. I vaguely knew who the individual artists were, but thought they were terribly old to be playing rock music. After coming to appreciate them for their earlier bands and catalogues, I slowly began to understand what amazing album they produced. Over the years, they’ve become one of my favorite bands.

  5. It’s hard to put together a group of musicians as individually talented as these guys. They all had busy schedules with other commitments. I’m glad they were able to get together and make such great music. There have been successful bands with less combined talent, but the really great rock bands were combinations of incredible talent.

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