1. Wonder if the redcoats might consider a do-over in DC. Seems like it didn’t take last time.

  2. Lots of Independence Day memes flying around. One of my favorites pointed out that anti-gunners are celebrating a holiday made possible by men with military grade firearms.

  3. You might ask Mr. Free Market if there’s any chance they could be contracted to do the “burn everything to the ground” in Washington just one more time. I’ll chip in $50 for the GoFundMe.

  4. Damned right it is. Our people will always give bad government indigestion.

  5. “The Crown” can kiss my ass, is what my Irish Grandfather would have said.

    1. Yeah, mine too. But I still have a soft spot in my heart for Elizabeth II. Not so much for her spawn.



    On August 24th, 1814 units of the British Army , in conjunction with the Royal Marines, came ashore in the American State of Maryland, and proceeded to capture the American Capital of Washington D.C. Once in possession of the city, as a legitimate reprisal under the laws of war, Our forces proceeded to set afire every public building in the city, including both the White House and the Congressional Chambers; sparing only the Patent Office, in the name of scientific advancement.

    Given that the bicentennial of these events has recently passed, I would like to take this opportunity to assure the citizens of the United States that, in light of the deep and permanent ties that have since arisen between our two nations, it would be quite impossible for Our Armed Forces to again burn all of the governmental offices in Washington D.C. and certainly not while they are occupied.

    So please stop asking.

    Thank you.

    H.M. Elizabeth II

  7. The end of the first caption is missing “… that we incurred defending you from the French and Indians.”

    Which is to say the British government had a point. But when the colonists objected, the British got very assholish about it, and when the colonists protested that, the British doubled down on the assholery, and kept digging.

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