I’m not much given to the silly “rating” of women (or men, for that matter), because as with most matters of taste, one man’s 9 is another man’s 2 — e.g. Kim Kardashian, who might be rated highly by wealthy Black athletes (according to her dating history) but who would struggle to get much more than a 4 from me, for all sorts of reasons.

Still, let’s just consider this young lady:

Pretty face, lovely bust, full figure… quite tasty, in other words… depending on her personality, I’d give her a 7.  (She has crap taste in shoes, and boyfriends, as you will see in a moment.)

What interests me (apart from the obvious), is that while her (now ex-) boyfriend rated her only as a 4 — but he himself cannot be worth more than a 1 or 2, from any woman’s perspective:

I mean, seriously?

Now read the whole sorry tale, and all I can say is, she’s well rid of him and could do a whole lot better.


  1. She should have used her army boots to kick him in the balls. Some women seem to be attracted to losers, I have no idea why. Perhaps this video will serve to find her a worthy mate.

  2. Just an FYI, per Ace, the rating system is now 0 (would not) or 1 (would).

  3. I dunno… she’s got the frumpy semi-Friar Tuck oufit, the hipster fake combat boots, he’s got the semi-skinny drawstring pants, the bowling alley ball washer hairdo…seems like they’re made for each other.

    “Four” is probably a little high for either of them, unless that’s the total for both.

  4. As the old saying goes, “I would not kick her out of bed, but she’d better make a damn good sammich.” IMHO, I think she should avoid tight knits in her wardrobe. There’s better ways to show her gifts without revealing the entire terrain.

    Finally, when are women going to learn that a closed fist is a good alternative to an open hand if you’re swinging for an (ex-)boyfriend’s face?

  5. Her general sartorial shortcomings notwithstanding, I do like the definitional effect that the purse strap provides.

    He ex looks like he might want to consider transitioning. I don’t think it would take much work for doctors to get him to the other side of the gender spectrum.

  6. Men act a certain way because they can find women that’ll put up with it. Pure and simple.

    And she apparently has been “putting up with it”. She knew what he was like before this happened, but still kept him as a boyfriend. She’s just mad because he embarrassed her in public. And she’ll make another poor choice for her next boyfriend, and the one after, until all she has left is poor choices. And she’ll blame men for it, too.

    And yeah, those shoes ruin it. Completely.

    Overall not bad looking, but at my age the personality is way more important.

  7. How this girl dresses in public is immaterial here. Granted her choice of footwear leaves a lot to be desired but at that age, I doubt many of us were sartorially perfect either.

    I don’t care who you are, but undeserved emotional cruelty to a young lady is, has been, and will always be unacceptable. In a different era that cad would be horsewhipped through the streets by her father, and maybe by his own, at the same time, for saying what he said.

    The young lady in question presents as a typical girl-next-door type and when I was of a similar age she’d definitely have been someone I’d like to get to know. Or if I were “just” her friend, I’d beat the living tar out of the vile piece of human debris who hurt her like that. And good for her for slapping that POS in public, and all the better that it was filmed and posted in the media. After this, the only “10” he’ll get to be intimate with will be his fingers.

  8. Sorry, she’s cute, except for her clothes – all wrong, no fuckin’ taste; so I give her a 3. This guy? is a douchebag, so she is desperate, hence the 3. But, who gives a fuck, anyway? These two losers deserve each other. “You can bring a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think”!

  9. So, regardless of what you might think of him or her, what if the roles had been reversed here.

    Would she have deserved to be assaulted for it?

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