1. That girl will most likely grow up to be a strong independent woman who won’t take shit from the liberal idiots in the world. Think Kristi Noem. That type. We need more like that.

  2. Spending time with your daughter +1
    and encouraging her interest in shooting +1
    while sharing something she likes. +1

    Well done, Dad; well done. I guarantee she’ll have fond memories of that outing.

  3. It’s what I did. Raised my 2 girls after wife #1 decided to take off. They grew up going to smelly gyms, gun shows and hardware stores. I have a picture somewhere of #1 daughter, in a stroller, with a couple of boxes of. 357 in her lap.

    People bitch and expect sympathy for being a single parent, and it wasn’t all beer and skittles, but I enjoyed damn near every minute of it. And yes I did tea parties and went to ballets and all of it.

  4. Any man who isn’t ready to be a little embarrassed by his daughters needs to grow a pair.

  5. That’s some damned fine parenting right there. And anyone who has a problem with it? They can go right over that next mountain over there, and fuck off.

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