1. Especially when he squares off against her in the parking lot.

      No vid for these, but they’re legit – when I was in an infant my parents took a day trip to the mountains. We stopped at one of their favorite spots. During our stay a couple bikers rolled in. Dad could tell they were trouble & loaded wife & kid into the car. During the load up one of the bikers shouted at dad to “hand over summa that gook pussy.” Loudmouth wheeled his bike a few feet off the back bumper & dismounted. He walked to the driver’s side window & leaned in to find himself looking down the barrel of a Colt Python. He & his compadre saddled up and rode off.

      25 years later I owned a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. One day I towed it to a building my dad owned where I was going to work on it. As I pulled onto the property there were a couple guys about my age sharing a crack pipe. I rolled down the window & said “Hate to tell you guys, but this is private property & you’ll need to clear off.” They started snarling and cursing; one of them picked up a piece of rebar & advanced. I let him see my Makarov and told him to simmer down. Both punks split.

      The FBI says that kind of defensive gun usage – where the weapon is brandished but not fired, and no one is hurt – happens upwards of 200k times annually. A private sector researcher called John Lott says the real number is north of one million. Not insignificant, whatever the actual tally.

      I’m fond of sharing those stories with the gun grabbers I encounter & asking them if they’d prefer me & dad had been unarmed on those occasions. Most are flummoxed by the query; those who answer yes can never cite a compelling reason why.

      Kim’s vid – staged or not – is a reasonable depiction of how those kinds of scenarios are often resolved.

      1. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. Years ago I provided my (now ex) wife with a revolver and taught her how to carry it and use it. I taught her how while someone of my size and build (6’3″) isn’t a likely target, a skinny 5’5″ woman is exactly who bad guys would want to take advantage of. And of course guns a great force equalizer.

        1. Which once again illustrates the insanity of feminists wanting to ban guns.

          A small woman with a gun need not worry too much about the largest, strongest man out there.

  1. THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you for posting this Mr. du Toit! I was also laughing at this.

    I have been cut in line so many times it is not even funny. And while the line cutting people interacted with never escalated to a firearm being drawn, the line cutters feel like they can do whatever they want.

    My policy is simple. If I go to a business, small, medium or large, locally owned or corporate, and someone cuts me in line, I tell them they need to wait their turn. If they give me shit, I give it back.

    If the business serves the person who came after me, I speak up to a manager. IF the employee or manager continues to serve the line cutter ahead of me who was there first, I will do leave without my purchase and never return. If I have already made a purchase, to the service desk I go for a refund. If they refuse the refund, I call the credit card company and reverse the charge.

    I have had one time where a local grocery store to me allowed people to cut me in line on multiple occasions. I contacted their headquarters and they told me if I don’t like it, shop somewhere else. (the spin in their reply was “we understand if the relationship was damaged and you want to shop elsewhere”

    I was again cut in line at their store another day. They told ME I was rude when I spoke up against a line cutter. Then when I went to check out, my deli meat was spilled at the counter. I told them I didn’t want that item and they insisted I go to the deli with them for a new one. I did and they RE WRAPPED the same meat in another wrapper that they just had rip open and spill.

    I asked for a manager. He came out and said I Was an issue, I was a problem and I should shop elsewhere. I went to the service desk and asked for a refund. This pissed the store off.

    The store gave me a refund, called the police, and served me a no trespass notice. As in I am NO LONGER allowed at the store again. A few days later in the mail, headquarters sent me a letter saying I was not allowed in ANY of their store locations (trespassed from all). (NO I was NOT arrested, and I did NOT face any criminal charges, as I did NOTHING wrong. I was simply no trespassed since these assholes wanted me out of their store, which is private property). I guess when you stick up for yourself, they don’t like that.

    Honestly, I just don’t care. Screw that store. I hope someday they go out of business. This is a grocery store local to Massachusetts with a Y in the name. Scumbags. My hard earned money is good at other stores.

    Line cutters are rude and think they are better than everyone else. It is time for these asshats to learn manners. WAIT your turn, BE POLITE to others, and stop thinking your shit doesn’t stink.

    Also, if this clown in the above video is in a hurry to get to a party, why did he WAIT outside for the lady he tried to cut in line?

    Society today has decayed, and there are too many scumbags in it.


    1. Is it two words with “Y” the second one? If so we’ve got one down the street from us here in SE coastal Connecticut. I almost never go there because their prices are the highest in town, and the selection and service are at best comparable.

      1. That would be the one. 2nd letter is Y after the first word. Those Jabroni’s operate in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

        I agree, about high prices. when I was allowed to shop there they had high prices compared to other stores I went to in my opinion. They were close to my house so I thought hey that makes it easy to shop even if it costs a little more.

        They trespassed me because I dared speak up about nonsense that happened in their store. The managers think they are king. Don’t talk back to them. Don’t stand up for yourself. They referred to me as “aggressive”.

        Also, they have store WiFi service for customer. However, firearm related websites are blocked on the store WiFi system. I guess maybe firearms are scary and evil.

        Typical northeast wealthy assholes own the $$$ Y. If you complain about things they seem to not care

        There is an article online about them kicking out a veteran when the veterans service dog had an accident (pooped) in one of their stores


        I have another market I go to now. That place is happy to take my money.

        1. I’ve lived in New England a long time and rarely see people cut in line. People around here tend to keep to themselves in line and I like it that way. Sometimes I’ll make small talk with someone but I tend to keep to myself.

          Drivers? The State Bird of Massachusetts certainly is a hand gesture. The first time I was driving in North Carolina, the oncoming person waved me on to take a left and my college friend asked what I was waiting for, I replied that I thought it was a trick by the oncoming driver. He said it’s not like New England, people are friendly down here. Weird. But someone cuts you off driving or you are displeased with their (lack of) driving skills then inform them of your opinion with your horn. That’s why we have horns in cars. Blinkers? why do you want to know where I’m going you nosey bastard? I so want the bumper stickers “Horn Broken, Watch for Finger” and “Keep honking, I’m reloading”


  2. Maybe it’s all in the editing, but it sure looks staged. I mean, he wasn’t even buying beer, he was buying Natty Daddy. (Whatever in the goddamned hell THAT is.)

  3. I wonder if that cutting in line is more common up in Yankee Land, the North East USA because here in Texas I don’t think I have ever seen that done. What is more common is when a person with an item or two gets in line and others tell them to move on up, especially on the express 15 items or less line.

    One thing I did notice when I was working on a project in Allentown PA along with 15 other Texans about ten years ago, we spent two month up there and folks in stores don’t visit and talk to each other standing in line, they don’t make eye contact and smile at each other. At least that was our experience, maybe it is because an armed population is a polite population, a friend of mine moved to Texas from Washington state about five years ago and I was riding with him in his car when a car pulled out in front of him and he started honking and making obscene gestures at the lady driving the car, I told him we don’t do that in Texas because we assume people are armed, maybe a bit crazy and they might run into you and not have insurance so we just go along and get along for the most part.

    Traffic or in stores, it pays to be nice people.

    1. I’m with you there. I’ve never seen anyone try to cut in here in Texas, or even where I lived in Virginia decades ago. I’ll go out on a limb and say you don’t dare do that anywhere in the south.

      More often, you’ll have some offer you to go ahead of them if you have one or two things. I’ve been asked that, nicely, and let them go.

      But barging in I-gotta-be-someplace ain’t happening. The place you need to be is behind me in line.

      1. I agree, I think it’s a northeast thing. I live in Massachusetts. Liberal idiots rule the roost here. I have a decent job and good benefits. When I get older (I’m 37) I want to retire into Maine or New Hampshire. Those are still northeast states but while no place is perfect driving just 4 hours out of mass into a state that respects freedom is a great experience.

        Here in Massachusetts, many people are self entitled assholes who vote for people like Dementia Joe and the Hoe, and Princess Shitting Bull Elizabeth Warren. New York State is equally fucked.

        The people here have this weird attitude that they can do what they want, tell others how to live their life, steal others money for welfare via government extortion (aka taxes) and do shit like cut in line and then say the victim is rude when these dick heads pull their shit.

        If you aren’t from Massachusetts, my advice is not to ever move here. Place is a liberal dump.

    1. Nogs? Doesn’t surprise me. Many of these POC (not all) seem to forget we live in a civilized society.

      Some act like rabid animals and then cry like babies when they are treated like rabid animals.

      Knuckle draggers.

  4. @ Slant-eyed … amusing stories. Love ’em. Keep ’em coming !!!
    Next time I have Tiskie in the house, I’ll tip one back for ya !!

    @CoffeeMan … I’m an ex-MassHole .. I FEEL your pain. I lived in the greater-Lowell area for ~13 yrs while I was married to Satan. In my case, my circumstances had me move here to IL about 6 yrs ago. Greater Chicago is also a liberal dump. I won’t be retiring here. Incidentally, the “cross border dynamic” of MA/NH and IL/WI have a similar ‘feel’

    Line cutting – common to NYFC (not so much w/ upstate .. those folks are less insane), NJ (duh) and parts of greater Philly .. in addition to the MassHoles. At least that was my experience, and I mostly grew up in the 6th borough of NYFC – Broward County, FL.

  5. As far as New England goes:
    MA is a liberal shit hole that despises their roots of liberty and resistance to oppressive government.

    RI: have you heard of the concept of 6 degrees of separation? it’s only 2 degrees in the Ocean state. Which by the way is so small that in order to turn around you have to leave the state.

    CT Nothing to offer other than the world’s best pizza, birthplace of the hamburger and the best sight in the state “Leaving CT” signs.

    NH the last bastion of liberty in the region with many trying to live up to the state motto “Live Free or Die”

    VT is the weirdest mix of ex New York burnt out hippy commies and backwater Swamp Yankee redneck

    Maine -Lobsters, blue berries and 9 months of snowmobile weather and 3 months of poor snowmobile weather


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