Get Serious

A lot of people seem to be getting upset about this silly bitch:

A psychiatrist from New York City went on a racist rant back in April in which she expressed her desire to kill White people simply because they are White, as heard in recently-revealed audio of the lecture, the New York Post reports.
The comments were made by Dr. Aruna Khilanani during a lecture to the Yale School of Medicine on April 6th. She said that she dreams of “unloading a revolver into the head of any White person that got in my way,” and that if she did so, she would leave the scene of the crime “with a bounce in my step.”

Oh, puh-leeze.  A revolver?

Compared to some of MY fantasies about dealing with Ivy League academics like her, that’s positively humane (think:  flamethrowers after a full-body flaying, and you’d be on the right track).


  1. Flamethrowers are heavy, hot and expensive. Be more economically humanitarian – how about a bottle of rubbing alcohol after the flaying, yannow, to keep away infection?
    Seriously, if she were a white professor and said that about blacks, can you imagine the kerfluffle and fainting? Would she have had a job five minutes after the lecture? Would she have even been allowed to finish the lecture, or for that matter, even still be alive minutes afer she said that?
    I’m really, really tired of this hate crime/free speech/hate speech bullshit being a one-way street.

    1. You forgot the salt liberally and wrap in wet canvas before setting out in the sun to dry….

  2. The mob hitman Richard Kuklinski dispatched a number of his victims by chaining them up in a cave where rats would eat them alive. He said it was the only method that ever bothered him. ‘Cause it was so noisy. Lots of yelling and shrieking and whatnot.

    1. Right.
      And poison “…doesn’t have a lot of fuss…”
      Kuklinski was a dumbo.
      I suspect a lot of unsolveds were gleefully cleared by LawEnforcementOfficials by pinning them on Richie.
      Despite hundreds of amateur spelunking expeditions into those caverns, nobody found any human remains… nor any rodents other than timid recluses.
      Occasionally, sometimes but not always, dumbos ‘exaggerate’ their involvement in famous events.
      Imagine that!
      And nobody, not Sammy The Bull, not the Gotti people, nobody in the deCarvelcato organization, nobody heard of Richie prior to his well-paid performances on televisionprogramming.
      That was not me on TheGrassyKnoll© in ’63.
      Read more of the story in my as-seen-on-televisionprogramming tell-all memoirs ‘Boasts Of A Boasty Boaster’, available at your favorite bookseller for only us$199.95 plus ‘handling’.
      Oh, yeah… us boasters are ‘all about’ the handling.

  3. I’m presuming the “everything negro” stance the media has taken is supposed to endear us to their cause, but as far as I can tell it does exactly the opposite. Amazingly enough I care even less about “everything negro” and go out of my way to avoid it. The time is fast approaching when there will be open season on all things parasite and a lot of stored ammunition will need to be replenished.

    “Kill the parasites and the hosts will soar.”
    –gs, 2099

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