Misplaced Concern

From Longtime Reader MurphyAZ:

“I have this uneasy feeling that you might be sliding into a fire (flood?) sale. I hope that is not the case, and that all is well in Kim’s Land.”

Bless you, old son, for your concern;  but let me assure you that this is absolutely not the case.

The plain fact of the matter is that as with many Olde Pharttes, I am getting tid of stuff that I don’t, can’t or don’t want to use anymore:  the bass guitar gear was a “can’t”, the 16ga shotgun was a “don’t” — or, given that I plan on getting a 20ga to start doing sporting clays soon, “won’t want to use anymore” — and if the sale of said items can get me a “free” CZ G2 Bobtail:

…then so much the better.

Just to hammer the point home:  we have emerged from the past four months of flood disaster and theft of two guns with our finances more or less intact, thanks in no small part to the unbelievable generosity of my Loyal Readers, blessings be upon you all.

I even managed to acquire a replacement S&W Model 65 along the way.  (Range report to follow shortly.)

So once again, thank you (and anyone else who may have felt the same way) for your concern, but I’m fine.


  1. Glad to hear it. I’m not quite as old a fart as some here (only 55) but I’ve experienced the same thing. Had some archery hunting gear from decades back, but after my elbow tendon surgery realized I’d never pull a bow back again. Finally sold it. Same with some (ok, a LOT) of hobby radio control stuff. And miscellaneous camping gear. And so on. Used the proceeds from sales to finance other interests. Life changes. But I still act like a kid looking for new toys.

  2. At 75 believe me I share your hurt.
    Rifle: Scope or get lost ( and I mean scope, even red dot are getting iffy.
    Pistol: with proper glasses ok for 10/15 meter beyond that hopeless, I have in fact returned to point sigthing for most of my handguns use.

  3. I had an employee once, very interesting woman, a retired Metis Lady Wrestler.

    She taught me that if you don’t use something for 2 years without a damn good reason, you don’t need that thing and need to get rid of it lest it drain your psychic energy.

    The psychic energy stuff is hippy dippy BS, but I do feel a sense of relief when I get rid of stuff that breaks the 2 year rule.

  4. You have lifted a great burden from my mind, Oh Great Master. Now I can devote my “thinkin’ drinkin'” to more important topics.

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