Still Not In

…as the actress said to the bishop.

Well, our furniture and most of our stuff is back in the apartment.  Have we been able to do anything with it?

Nooooooooo because the place is still not habitable (minor construction yet to be done, drywalling, electricity etc., no fridge and most importantly, no working toilets or indeed water from the faucets).  So as I write this, we’re still stuck in the Fleabagge Inn, now living out of suitcases and moving boxes (because we packed them, expecting to have moved by now).  Oh, and our “temporary housing” allowance from the insurance company has ended, so it’s all been out of pocket since just before the beginning of the month.

All this, plus the theft of the guns and the resulting cancellation of the Boomershoot trip has given me an attack of the gloomies.

The only good thing that’s happened to us is that thanks to the generosity of her family, New Wife is heading back to Seffrica early next month to visit with  friends and family, and most especially, to meet the brand-new granddaughter.  I, however, will be staying behind (because a. I can’t afford to go and b. I really don’t feel a desire to go back there).  But we will be apart, the first time since we got married, and for two weeks withal.

Please bear with me as I pull the covers over my head and growl miserably.


  1. I hear you. Hard to let them go halfway around the world on there own but grand babies must be visited.

    Maybe think about a run for city council. I know I am. If we don’t like what is going on we need to do something. Even if it is wrong.

  2. I think travelling abroad is a bit risky right now. Not because of Covid per se – IIRC you’ve both had the vaccine – but if there’s a flare-up over there she might not be let back in.

  3. ‘….our furniture and most of our stuff is back in the apartment’
    After what you have recently been through, please tell me that it’s just clothing, dishes,
    etc. that you have ‘moved in’
    Your abode, whatever it may be, is still UNOCCUPIED and anyone and EVERYONE
    around there knows it. ( Yes, I’ve been stolen from, on more than one occasion – its gives
    one. not a unique outlook but, an uncommon one ).
    Be surprised if you haven’t thought of this ( you’d be surprised at the number of people
    who don’t ) but leave your valuables, keepsakes etc. ‘elsewhere’ until you are living there.
    If it were me, I’d be staying there at random times / nights, toilets or not !
    No offence intended, just a ‘heads up’.
    Thieves actually count on you getting ‘new stuff’ after they have robbed you once so that they can do it AGAIN and get better ‘merchandise’ !!!
    Stay safe.

    1. wallace you’re right. and that’s a good idea spending random nights there. kind of like camping.


    2. Mostly, it’s just (large) furniture items and kitchen stuff — nothing of value, nothing worth taking. All jewellery, guns, Persian rugs etc. are still in safe storage.

  4. Kim,
    Safe travels to the missus. can you speak with the insurance company regarding extending the compensation for the hotel? How about the neighbors upstairs or the landlord who is responsible for the leak?


      1. And she has an instant alibi if the negotiations resemble the ones between Israel and Hamas…..

        There’s always a silver lining. 😎

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