News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to moon:

nice to see that the BritGov is finally “allowing” bonking à la carte.  Scotland, however, is not prepared to go that far:

oh aye, leave that shagging stuff to the Sassenachs.

and you were doing SO WELL up until now, sweetie.

clearly, what we need is commonsense lightning control.  Or commonsense football control.

nice to see that the disheveled BritPM has solved all the UK’s other problems, so he can devote his time to this one.

not sure if that’s a step up or a step down, quite frankly.

holy hell.  Talk about an over-achiever… and speaking of which, here’s superslut Madonna’s little girl:

not a bad bum, actually.  And still on the topic thereof:

to upstage that, the bridesmaids would pretty much have to go naked.

Moving from shapely buttocks to big assholes:

errrr Mitt, old buddy;  I don’t think the GOPe had much of the lesbian vote anyway.  Ask that purple-haired soccer chick/bloke.

And speaking of INSIGNIFICA:

and Keeley who, you ask?


Oh yeah, that Keeley Hazell.


  1. Michel Fourniret is the best argument yet for shooting rapists in the junk and staking them to an anthill.

  2. Madonna’s Material Spawn looks more like a Material Skank.
    She must take after her mother.

  3. I can’t see the Assless wedding dress catching on anywhere soon.
    A model? An Instagram model? It used to be that an artist was the only thing you could call yourself that no one could say you weren’t.
    Is an Instagram model one for whom only the photographer and the photographed agree she’s a model? This one looks like she’s a few years from being a “train smash woman.

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