1. Proof that a picture of a naked Speaker of the House can defeat modern armor.
    The use of it will now be banned by all the countries of the world.

  2. Kinda goes with the News Roundup above. Saw elsewhere that Melinda Gates has had it with Microsoft and is now looking Big and Hard.

  3. A tank for the new kinder, gentler, diverse army, the Burisma Biden Mk 0.25.
    It comes in a rainbow of colors, and being fully collapsible, is easily moved from one BLM riot to another Example shown is in the inclusive Socialist Drab color scheme.

  4. Dear Diary,

    It took the whole four hours, but the blue pill finally wore off right before the call-an-ambulance deadline.

  5. For those who used to read Popular Mechanics ads in the back of the magazine –
    Jeeps $63, Trucks $100, ………………………………
    Tanks, um, well, er ,a $4.50 !!

  6. Even acquiring a tank couldn’t keep the Wicked Witch of the House of Representatives from melting.

  7. As promised in the recruitment poster, each new trooper receives a blow-up tank to accompany her/his/its blow-up bunk-mate!


    According to analysts, the operational lifespan of the tank-crew is extended immeasurably through the innovative use of ‘bouncy-house’ armor!


    Taking a hint from ‘unnamed sources’, Glorious Leader ‘chinesium joe biden’ predicts great success for the troopers in the proposed invasion of the evil empire of any small country previously unknown to anybody!

    1. Hoping to build on the ‘proving-ground’ ‘success’ of the M1 Abrams ‘battle-tank’, ex-presidential popularity-contest distant runner-up stacey abrams offers her ‘updated-for-2021’ version — the M2 stacey!

  8. The Chieftain’s worst nightmare.


    “Oh my, the track tensioned too soon.”

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