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From Hizzoner NYGov Cuomo [okay, quit that spitting] :

“The streets of New York are not the OK Corral, and the N.R.A.’s dream of a society where everyone is terrified of each other and armed to the teeth is abhorrent to our values.”

Just a point of clarification, Herr Gauleiter :  at the O.K. Corral, everyone was carrying a gun — and lest you forget, the outlaws lost.

Compare that to the mean streets of NYFC nowadays, where only the bad guys have guns… and the law-abiding citizens suffer.  Is that part of those “values”, too?  If so, I want nothing to do with them, or you.


  1. Just a particle in the kaleidoscope of reasons I could never reside in NYFuckingC. I’ve never spent a ton of time in major metros (as an adult, anyway). Here in Las Cruces I’ve just assigned my venerable .38 (3rd gen Detective Special) to permanent bedside duty in favor of a Taurus G3C for ccw. 13 rounds in the weapon & another 15 in my pocket. Before you roll your eyes, Taurus has stepped up its game with its most recent offerings. Compatible with Glock sights if you’re so inclined & a rail should you wish to accessorize (I don’t). For $279 you could do a heckuva lot worse & I’m skeptical you could do better.

    Now call your mommy and have a good cry like the whiny little cunt you are, Il Douchebag.

  2. The anti-gunners have always referenced the ‘wild west’ as an argument against gun ownership, and seldom if ever admitted that the ‘wild west’ people know from film is about as mythical as Middle Earth. While there were exceptions, as a general rule a gunfighter who preyed on ordinary citizens was pretty sure to catch a load of some farmer’s buckshot in his brisket.

  3. NYC was a great place to grow up in the ’40s; nobody cared about your color or your religion; the monkey bars were the monkey bars and the line on the slide was sacrosanct, even to the older kids. After school, you could go to the PAL and learn that the cops were good guys, usually a friend’s uncle or a cousin and any time you were lost or hurt or whatever, a man in a blue uniform was a safe haven.
    In the late ’60s and ’70s, NYC was a fun place: more single guys and gals just looking to meet the “someone” and usually did.
    Then the money men and the drug dealers and the politicos came in to milk the unwary herd.
    What a shame!

  4. Real men don’t give a shit what that pecksniff thinks/says and live their lives as they see fit. And there isn’t a dam thing he can do about it. If that rotten fuk cared at all he would eliminate the criminals that cause all the mayhem and let everyone else alone. fuk him ded

  5. Instead of saying Wild West, he could have just said Chicago.

    This pussy is just an egotistical boor who imposes himself sexually on subordinates in the workplace

    And he’s lecturing us about self-defense

    If he tried that bullshit down here with some Tennessee or Texas ladies, he may just get to see the business end of a handgun

    That may actually help him sort out some of his many character deficiencies

    It would at least give him a new perspective

  6. Tombstone had a local ordinance banning the carrying of firearms by citizens. The Earps had gone to the O.K. Corral to disarm the men there. The gunfight was a result of people objecting strenuously to being disarmed. There’s a lot to the story, but it’s not clear that the Earps were the heroes. You can, as they say, look it up.

    1. +1 – my thought exactly. Using the OK Corral as an analogy for enforcing gun control is only slightly better than using Waco.

  7. Andrew Cuomo said that?
    I’m not surprised that Tench Gortch would be against arming the innocents.

  8. Whatever the fuckhead governor in Albany says is the absolute wrong course to take.

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