“If It Means Saving Lives…”

Where have we heard this before?  O, Canada.  Unsurprisingly, this is Ontario (motto:  We’re more socialist than New York), where the forces of police power are rapidly becoming unlimited.

As an aside — and I admit that it’s been years since I was last in Ontario — I’m pretty sure that the above Gestapo attitudes will work in places like Toronto (a.k.a. Woke City, CN).  But Ontario is a really big state, and I would be really interested to see what happens oh, about a hundred miles north of Toronto, when the Sturmtruppen  start playing their little reindeer games.  (Warning:  link can cause extreme rage.)

Or have all Canadians become so cowed by Government?


  1. Happily, 44 out of 44 Ontario police forces have said they won’t enforce the new rules.

  2. Things are different up here, Kim. Not getting through the static is that most municipalities have come back and told Rob Ford (supposedly a Donald Trump type conservative) – to shove his lockdown up his arse.

    Years ago our liberals passed gun laws that remove all constraints on search and seizure, destroy the right to remain silent, and allows for the confiscation of personal property without a warrant or receipt. Up here, the cops can legally literally walk into your home and take your guns. Problem is the courts won’t enforce it, nor will the cops. Now they put a ban on assault rifles… and I couldn’t care less. I still shoot at the range, nobody says a word, and we pretty much ignore the retards in Morontario. Think about it: would you take orders from a mutt like Justin Trudeau? He postures for the barren, raging liberal cat ladies, the Tranna soy boys, and other liberal tards… and the rest of us just keep doing what we’re doing. In the real world, morons like our liberals and your democrats can legislate whatever they want – but we just won’t comply. We are becoming much like the old soviets: “They pretend to pay us – and we pretend to work…”

    1. And yet these clowns continue to be voted in. What’s your level of interaction with their constituencies? What’s your sense of the ratio of ankle-grabbing sheeple v. real men & women?

    2. I live in the heart of Morontario, and I agree. Its almost like talking to an ET there is so much space between my view and the average citizen. They hate cops but love authority. They hate executing a depraved murderer, but want to kill babies. They…. well you get the idea.

  3. I lived and worked in the Peoples Demokratik Republik of Canukistan, Ontario Oblast, Ottowagrad for 10 years… It’s just more overt now….

    One does not have any rights there: They pretend, but you must remain within their ‘societal norms’ or you will fall afoul of the law..quickly.

  4. The whole police order was rescinded one day later after all the push back. Along with the shutting down of out door play grounds. Had to go pick something up on Saturday with a friend and saw all sorts of groups out and about in playgrounds. Saw one playground taped off with caution tape and shortly after saw another one wide open with the caution tape tied in a wad on the arm of a park bench.

    Yeah, a lot of people got pissed about that over reach up here. Lot of conservatives are not happy with Ford.

  5. Its a Province Mr Dutoit, not a State!

    Anyways I was walking around Toronto today and the cops aren’t enforcing this because they have their hands full dealing with bumfights and fires at the tent cities springing up everywhere.

    Sad thing is that this is the “Conservative” government.

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