Happy Now?

The sacrificial lamb has been put into the pen.

Derek Chauvin, 45, faces 75 years in prison as he’s found guilty on ALL three charges of murder and manslaughter in death of George Floyd: Minneapolis cop is cuffed in court as cheers erupt outside

I can’t wait to see whether the riots that follow tonight are because of “celebration” at the verdict.


  1. Well, he’s got an appeal coming up because of that rancid anal wart Maxine Waters. But I think it would be fair for every single cop in Minneapolis to simply walk off the job and say “Nope, not going to get Chauvined tonight”. Let Minneapolis burn to the ground.

    1. You had me at “rancid anal wart”. An excellent turn of phrase, if I may say so.

  2. How the fuck is it possible to be guilty of both murder and manslaughter for the same act? You either intended to kill someone or you didn’t. Is the jury collectively retarded or just scared shitless?

    1. Came here to say the same. This makes no sense. How can you be convicted of three different standards of being responsisble for the same death? I just assumed the three charges were a buckshot approach by the pressecution. I didn’t think it was possible to be convicted and sentenced for all three.

    2. “Is the jury collectively retarded or just scared shitless?”
      I’d say retarded, afraid of rampaging, unpoliced black repercussions, and Maxine Waters. That gape-mouthed racist hyena would scare a buzzard off a road kill.
      I hope Chauvin wins an appeal thanks to Mad Maxine inciting the mob.

      1. He also should be able to win appeal thanks to that Chinese Menu of a Jury Instruction.
        I suppose it was a small mercy that he was convicted of Second Degree Manslaughter and not First Degree Manslaughter, but as Durham68 suggests above, how can someone be convicted of Murder AND all the lesser included crimes with the court doing its job correctly.

    3. Had the same thought – shotgun approach – if one charge doesn’t get you, one or more of the OTHER 5936 charges WILL. Kind of multiple-choice for the jury !!
      This is just more appeasement. It will get worse because the tactics used ( riots etc. ) to attain it ARE WORKING !!
      Changing the appeasement ‘solution’ will require a bit more testosterone, balls, guts, courage, call it what you will along with a heaping helping of CONSEQUENCES for the tactics used, not only for the ie. rioters but the inciters as well !!
      I don’t expect either of those changes anytime soon !

  3. My thoughts on whether there would be a riot ran more to what Harry Faversham said about the Mahdi in the Four Feathers (1939). “If he loses, he’ll cut all our throats in revenge, and if he wins he’ll cut them in celebration.”

    1. Ah, yes… mohammadans.
      Blessings be upon their predictable-ness.
      And Blacks©.
      Blessings strewn all over the place on them, too.

  4. I wonder how many years the poor devil spends in the klink before he’s freed on appeal. However many it’s too many. This is nothing but mob justice, which is no justice at all.

    1. Can you spend all your time in prison on “Suicide Watch” and in isolation?
      I suppose we’ll soon find out.

    1. Even, or especially, all out of proportion to population or criminal population.

  5. With all the external pressure, how could anyone claim this was the correct verdict, fairly rendered.

  6. It wasn’t just dear old Maxine. First defense called for a change of venue. Denied. Chauvin got a jury very demographically unlike that of Minneapolis which is only 17% black. Defense also at the onset and several times during the trial asked for the jury to be sequestered. As such they heard about the $27million handed over to George Floyd’s family, the police shooting of another black person in a local neighborhood, and Maxine’s ravings. This doesn’t include the barrage of threats to dox the jurors, nor the statements of local, state, and national officeholders. The jury wasn’t sequestered until deliberations started.
    The police shooting above was careless and negligent to be sure, but the deceased was wanted on an outstanding warrant for illegal concealed carry and could have been reasonably expected to be carrying still. He was attempting to flee the scene at the time of the firing and actually did escape only to bleed out and crash. The officer at the driver’s door also exhibited poor training in the way he handled the perp.

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