An email from Longtime Friend & Reader PeteG contained the following:

“A friend is trying to get some local Media Darlings to take him up on a bet and all they do is hang up on him. The bet?
“$2500 in ready on-hand cash, even odds, that if Chauvin is found not guilty Black Lives Matter and Antifa run out of rioters, looters and arsonists before store owners and homeowners run out of ammunition.”

Which inspired this:

So… how are y’all planning to celebrate Chauvin Not Guilty Day?


  1. Either way, any verdict where the punishment is not ” To immediacy be given to the Mob outside to be manually drawn and quartered and then Hanged ” will result in the expected “Peaceful Protest with fireworks”.

  2. So… how are y’all planning to celebrate Chauvin Not Guilty Day?

    By loading up all my spare magazines.

  3. Kim, your friend may have put too much faith in Minneapolis’ legal system and jurors in this benighted age. Especially jurors who have been told that cities will burn, people will die, and they themselves will be at risk if they go against the official zeitgeist.

    And yes, me and mine will be hunkering down. I have no doubt Puppet Biden’s handlers will let the cities burn.

  4. If you aren’t already out of the blast radius of all major diverse urban areas, you are doing it wrong.

    1. Art, I am. I’m in the wilds of Florida. Thank gawd.

      But there’s still friends and family back in the aptly named LA Basin. They all say “Yeah, we’ve gotta get out of this piss hole before it all turns to shit. But — not today.” Like it or not, I’m bound to those urban areas.

  5. Rural enough to be safe from the foolishness that will erupt in Phoenix and Scottsdale, there are still enough stupid people out here who think there might be some benefit to themselves if they bring that crap out where there are more open areas to educate them on the errors of their ways.

  6. popcorn, beer or bourbon and I might have to rig up some broadcast tv to watch the leftist utopias burn. Far enough from an urban area so we should be out here.


  7. Chauvin isn’t guilty, but he’ll still be convicted, sentenced, and shortly after being put in prison killed under mysterious circumstances.

  8. “So… how are y’all planning to celebrate Chauvin Not Guilty Day?”

    Loaded up, hunkered down.

  9. Left LACo 5-yrs ago for the solitude of NV’s Great Basin – and all my mags have been filled (but not topped off) since the Rodney King Riot.

  10. I’m confident the riots in my neighborhood riots will be no worse than they were when OJ was acquitted, probably about the same as they were in my old Irish neighborhood when JFK was killed.

    1. In other words, we expect people to riot and burn things if he is acquitted, out of anger and frustration, and if he is convicted, they will riot and burn in celebration.
      Got it.

  11. I think the script has been written and blessed by TPTB, and Chauvin is a walking dead man after he lands in prison. Of course, if he gets less than life, the usual suspects will “mourn” Floyd by more mob thuggery. It’s time to get some spring finery, yannow.

  12. The good people of Minneapolis need to pass the hat and fly in some Roof Koreans from LA. Those guys were awesome back in ’92.

  13. They riot when the local sports ball team *wins*. Verdict day will be riot day no matter how it comes out.

  14. I think Chauvin will be found guilty of something, maybe manslaughter.

    And the Twin Cities will still see riots and looting.

  15. Rioters are doing okay so far although they appear to be hitting the stores that are not “protected by Smith & Wesson.”

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