1. Wish he’d done a better job at raising Charles or that Mountbatten had not been assonated by the Irish.

    1. As someone else who was left to rot at the wrong school, it took me a very long time to understand that my parents were doing what they thought was best for me. They were wrong, but they were also human.

  2. Seems like it might have been interesting to watch wokescolds try to cancel him. He’d probably have whipped out a sword-cane and stabbed someone.

      1. Imagine a dinner with The Prince, Mad Jack, and Douglas Bader …

  3. I’d have loved to have seen him on Top Gear in the Clarkson era, taking his coach around the track. THe interview afterwards would have been epic.

  4. Daily Mail doesn’t like my use of an Ad-blocker…..Oh, woe is me.

    Phillip was a breath of fresh air for the “Windsors”.

  5. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a surplus of bulldogs in line to fill his shoes.

  6. Saw a doc on Elizabeth. She said her happiest time was just after she married Phillip and before she ascended to the crown. They lived a normal life on Malta where she was no more than a Naval officers wifey. She was a bit of a cutey and he was NOT an effete Royal. They both are from what seems like another planet. Todays culture and generation I do not have any connection to. And I pity this world in 74 years from now. RIP SIR…..

  7. Fondly known as “Phil the Greek” Im Australia. Not an insult, an affectionate nickname.

    Our national flags are all flying at half mast today in mourning and respect for a man who lived a full life and served his country in peace and war.

    He seemed to have been around forever, and his passing signals the end of an era and of a time when Britain and the Commonwealth stood tall in the eyes of the world.

    Vale, Prince Philip.

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