News Roundup

Some bad news, some good news, all treated with scorn, skepticism and a large helping of sarcasm.

this is actually excellent news.  The Tranny Formerly Known As Bruce is very conservative, politically speaking, and I can’t wait for the Democrats to go through this:

off the top of my headavoid looking at pics of Nancy Pelosi, watching President Braindead’s press conferences, and seeing a Gay Pride parade, to name but three.

they panic, I see it as ethnic Darwinism.  And that includes the morons who think that vaccines are a Gummint plot to alter their DNA / install a tracking system / [insert loony reason of choice here]

‘cos they’re just teeny little girls.  Who should be executed with just teeny little bullets.

never having regretted a one-night stand, I’m untouched by this.  And in similar vein:

my suggestion (says Dr. Kim) :  hook up with this coupleThat would teach her.

not that either of these posturing pustules has ever flown on Southwest, of course;  but just to be safe, they should be put on Southwest’s private no-fly list.

considering that United is already on my “don’t fly with them under any circumstances” list, I don’t have to worry about crashing because of Token Pilot Shawanda  (formerly Jamal) Washington’s screwup.

as if 2021 wasn’t going to be bad enough.

when you consider the lifetime’s teasing he’s had to endure because of his name, it’s amazing that this only happened when he was 38.  Anyway, he’s now “the late” so we need say no more about him.

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA (no links because ugh):


Finally, some outstanding views news , seeing as it’s Masters Week:

…putting the SCHWING!  back into golf:



  1. United must be trying to go bankrupt.

    I know a couple of airline pilots quite well. Both of them say that a lot of their fellow pilots are “Nintendo pilots”, in that said pilots are system operators, not stick & rudder pilots from times of yore.

    And that’s what they think of American and European airline pilots; DON’T get them started on Asian pilots.

    Of course one of them owns and flies an AirCam for fun, the other an Aeronoca Chief. Their idea of flying fun is a STOL contest.

    1. Given the degree of automation in today’s large commercial aircraft it’s not too surprising that the pilots are primarily system operators. As I understand it, in many cases they’re not so much flying the plane as telling the computers where to fly the plane. All of which works just fine, for the most part. It becomes a problem in a real SHTF situation (thank you, Captains Sullenberger and Haynes) and especially when the system is the cause of the problem ala the 737 MAX.

      1. @Grizz … “Haynes” … would that be a reference to Al Haynes and the Iowa city crash from late 1980s?
        Even though about 1/3 of the people on board United 232 died in the crash, that was a masterful bit of flying, considering the plane was controlled only with asymmetric thrust from the wing-mounted engines.

          1. Thanks Randy … I stand corrected. Sioux City … duly noted.

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