I’m all in favor of gun rights groups — the more, the merrier, because it stops the existing ones from getting too comfortable and cosy with the politicians, by giving us gunnies more options.  And new ones have been starting up all over the place in recent years.

So, Gentle Readers:  should I join this group?  I certainly qualify.

To mark the occasion, I’d probably get one of these:

(link embedded in the pic)


  1. I think you absolutely should! And please post photos of any club events that you attend.

    1. ^^^ I “second” that vote, especially the bit about photos of attended events.

  2. I imagine that their meetings include a great deal of “Wassup, my NAAGA?”

  3. What is the attraction for the 95 as opposed to the 98, Kim? Is it a cruffler thing? Is it in 7×57?

      1. So, your ancestors would have been shooting at mine with those then. I think mine would have been returning fire with the first Lee Enfield or Lee Metfords with the magazine cutoffs…? I can’t remember…

        I see I may have to pay a visit to Private McKenzie over at British Muzzleloaders on YouTube. He is a serious curator and collector and a fine marksman – mandatory viewing for crufflers of the British persuasion. It would be awesome if he had a counterpart doing the same kind of work with the Mausers and Krags and other Euro guns…

    1. Actually their website says that they accept all colours. Apparently their favorite colour is green.

  4. Go for it !!!!!

    BTW a couple of yrs ago my kid bought a 23 and me test kit for me and the wife. My old man was Sicilian. And as any foule knows Sicily was historically like the 42nd Street bus terminal. No surprise, I show links to all of Europe, North Africa, the Mid East and even sub saharan Africa. Lol… so I am waiting for my reparations check !!!!

    1. take $20 from your “oppressor” pocket and put it into your “oppressed” pocket. Done


    2. Given that Sicily was at one time or another ruled by Carthaginians (Phoenicians), Greeks, Romans, E. Romans, Arabs, Vikings, Spanish and Italians and probably several others I have forgotten this is not terribly surprising.

  5. From the membership section of their website:


    Members may NOT engage in activities that OVERTLY promote violence toward any members or the public.
    Members may NOT engage in any form of harassment or discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical disability toward any members or the public.
    Members may NOT engage in alcohol consumption before or during a NAAGA meeting or shooting event.
    Members may NOT engage in verbal discussions or statements advocating any acts of violence toward Police, Military, and/or Government officials.
    Members may NOT engage in verbal discussions or statements advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government.”

    in regards to alcohol, you can’t have a beer with dinner before one of their meetings? why? aren’t we adults who can control ourselves? It looks like they have other restrictions as well.

    Join, what do you have to lose besides $XX for membership and some time.


  6. Just to add to all the above comments: joining ANY gun group, committee, association, club, or whatever puts you on a list. Any list or membership role concerning guns or gun-related activities makes you easier to find and contact by “authorities” who want to remove, restrict, and repeal your RIGHT “to keep and bear arms.”

  7. The last two words from a line in their mission statement makes me a touch leery:
    “…By collectively working together with a defined strategy, we can begin correcting social injustice.”
    I’m so, so weary of SJW’s. Now if they mean gummint infringement on our natural rights as a social injustice, go for it!
    Actually Kim, I think they’d welcome you. It’d lend some authenticity to their title words “African American.”

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