A Fastball For Fauci

As Longtime Readers know, I have little time for professional sports right now, as their controlling organizations have succumbed to Wokeness.  Nevertheless, recent events here in Cuidad Tejas have come to my attention, and I need to highlight just one;  but first, a little background is necessary.

The Texas Rangers baseball team sucks.  It’s not quite as bad as the 1920-2002 Chicago Cubs in its depth of suckitude, but it’s never been that far off either.  Opening Day of each season, therefore, has seldom been a gala affair, sometimes approaching a half-full stadium but more often than not, not even close.

Last Monday’s opening game, therefore, did not bode well, especially as it was against the Toronto Blue Jays, in which team Texas interest ranks somewhere around zero.  And not many Canuckis are going to fly all the way down to Dallas for their team, even if it means an escape from their frigid city.  (It may be spring here, but in Toronto spring still has a couple months to go before putting in a timid appearance.)

So:  an empty stadium at The Ballpark In Arlington*?  Ummm, nope:

That’s more spectators than I’ve ever seen on Opening Day here.  And yes, there were people wearing masks, just like Dr. Fauci ordered — but a hell of a lot of others weren’t:

…because wearing a mask in the open air is senseless, even in a stadium packed almost to capacity.

Clearly, the good people of Texas are fed up with all this mask bullshit, and as I noticed a couple weeks back, it’s starting to show itself all over the place.  And yes, despite having 20 million more residents than Gauleiter  Gretchen Whitmer’s Michigan, Texas has far fewer Chinkvirus cases not just on a per capita  basis, but in absolute numbers.

So fuck off, Fauci.

Oh, and by the way, the Rangers lost, 6-4.  Sic semper ludi.

*I know, it’s now Globe Life Field or some bullshit, who cares.


  1. Here’s the fun part: if there isn’t a massive and obvious spike in COVID cases, starting within about a week, it’s over. Even the most dedicated Branch Covidians won’t be able to say “MUH SCIENCE!” with a straight face any more.

  2. Masks or no, sportsball is run by the same sort who do mask mandates. This is the circus part of bread and circuses and it will contribute to our ruin.

  3. re:
    AND HELL FOLLOWED by Mark Scott

    Published in 2014, this novel describes a ‘influenza’ genetically inserted into cocaine.

    What if…

    We hear about ‘The Opiate Crisis’, primarily the laboratory-created super-addictive opium-replacement known as fentanyl.
    Genetically targeted.
    Allegedly, that stuff was created in a chinese lab.
    Allegedly, the stuff is too addictive to quit.
    Allegedly, nobody gets out alive.

    What if… lab-rats could modify fentanyl to carry an influenza type of sickness causer?
    A molecule here, an atom there?
    What if… the lab-rats added a killer influenza to a super-addictive substance, then brought it to The Free World by thousands of Conex shipping-containers into every port globally.
    Each Conex carrying several dozen tons of fentanyl laced with SARS?
    What if… the drug could be tweaked to not whack the addicts, but they could live long enough to spread the bug to everything they touch?

    I am not pointing any fingers at The Worker’s Paradise.

    Nor do I harbor suspicions about genetic testing on TheWorldWideWeb to innocently establish anybody’s family line.
    “Did your grandmother come over on the Mayflower? Spit, and discover the truth!”

    Nor am I saying a library of genetic material of individuals of Keltic and Northern European heritage could furnish an easy route for de-population.

    And I am definitely not pointing any fingers at the chinese…


    AND HELL FOLLOWED is available free on Amazon.


  4. Get the same enjoyment, with even less masks, more entertainment, and more economical.

    Go see the Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo. Went this weekend past, and it was great. Only about 1/3 people came in with a mask, and half of those took it off before the show was over.

  5. I have all my shots. And now the PTB are saying that the vaccination has less residual protection than a flu shot when they guess correctly? I thought they were gene sequencing every part of Covid 19.
    The city I live in, aka People’s Republic, still fines people if they catch them outside without a mask. If I still have to wear a mask outside even though I spent ten hours waiting in line to get a shot, It won’t be a face diaper like everyone is wearing. I am looking for a latex mask that looks like “Dr.” Fauci. Barring that, a mask of Gavin Newsom.
    I may just have to do with one of Dopey Joe.

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