Apparently there’s a big hoo-hah about where Major League Baseball is going to play their so-called “All-Star” game this year because Georgia is an eeevil place because they want to prevent voter fraud such as happened in the 2020 elections.  Other states have weighed in (notably Texas), and so on and so on.

In the first place, MLB should call the All-Star game what it really is — the Steroid Festival — but what really gives me the giggles is that they think that their sport, or any sport come to think of it, matters more than a pitcher’s mound of beans in the grand scheme of things.

I note with great pleasure that the PGA has not got involved in this wokism, because unlike baseball, they know which side their bread is buttered on.  (Boycotting Georgia, when the Masters Tournament is played at Augusta?  Don’t make me laugh.)  Still on the subject of buttered bread, MLB seems to have forgotten who comprises their core fan base, and playing little wokester games is probably not high on the list of priorities for that group.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of shills and fraudsters.

As for the rest of us — that growing number of people like myself who are becoming disaffected with corporate wokism and alienated from all the companies that practice it — where MLB plays their little All-Star game matters less than a flat tire on a pickup.


  1. The MLB Commissioner is a member of Augusta National. I’m sure he’ll give up his highly coveted invitation-only membership on principle.

  2. I have been through with all professional sports viewing for several years now because of the annoying social messages and talking head blather during the games instead of just the score or current count. A bit over a year ago I also quit viewing the semi-pro, farm teams of football and basketball where various colleges pay coaches incredible salaries and recruit players under the guise of scholarship students when those kids have been in training for the sport since they were 12 years old and very few can write a complete sentence or work a math problem without counting on their fingers on in the case of higher mathematics removing their shoes.

    What a total crock for crap confusing entertainment with actual social causes and telling those who purchase products that are being advertised that they are worthless neanderthal blobs of unwashed undergarments and the cause of all the unrest and strife in the whole damn wide world because they are white men.

  3. you’re absolutely right. Any woke organization is getting boycotted.

    MLB and its commissioner are getting lambasted for their wokeism, as they should be. Atlanta is a far more diverse city than the new location of the All Star Game so the $100 million in lost economic activity is going to harm far more minorities than it will help. The old commissioner even wrote to excoriate the new commissioner.

    NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer etc can go pound sand with their disrespect to our flag, national anthem and ideals Coke and other companies can go broke for their racist wokeism.

    I used to love baseball and I’d frequent the local minor league teams several times a year. I’d listen to MLB on the radio while driving. Not anymore.


  4. PGA not doing the Wokerino dance ? Just this morning I turned on the Golf Channel to catch up on the Masters….sat there for 20 minutes in a stupor as I watched McIlroy and a shithead nobody Cameron Champ (who apparently had a black up his genetic tree) explain to me that America needs to be more socially aware and voting needs to be yada yada yada…then they switched to a segment on how the effing Augusta course was built by blacks. I am so sick of this crap. 14% of the population and the whole damn country is focused on them.

    1. And yet, when we focus on their over-representation in the crime stats, all Hell breaks loose.

  5. At least the effort has forced the Colorado governor to declare that the pandemic will be over by July so Coors Field can host a capacity crowd for the game. While at the same time, graduation ceremonies are still going to be limited to two guests per graduate. Because, you know, pandemic.

  6. Since I stopped watching MLB in1994 when the season ended in August due to a strike, is there a way to double plus boycott them? I need a way to not watch them harder.

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