News Roundup

With commentary short and not so sweet, like Danny DeVito.

in other words, that’s a dick too far.

the keyword is “West Virginia” — America’s Wales.

Greta Thunberg could not be reached for comment.

and yet they still keep sending me begging letters for an overpriced subscription to their poxy rag.

and I haven’t laughed so much since Nancy Pelosi caught her tits in a revolving door.

I wish someone would cancel all my novels.

oh FFS.  TCM used to be the place where I could go and watch old B&W movies to escape modern life;  now I have to listen to some wokist bullshit about them first?  Looks like my DVD collection is going to grow

..also banned:  any report involving Nigora Bannatyne, and let’s not even talk about the word “denigrating”The knights who say “Ni” were unavailable for comment.

Great Cicero’s bleeding hemorrhoids.

And now a new feature called “Insignifica“:  items that appear in the news, which nobody repeat nobody should give a rat’s ass about;  and yet there they are.  (Contains no links because health hazard.)



it’s so sad.  This creature used to be unbearably beautiful, and then she turned 18 and became an “adult”.  Now she resembles a Moscow street prostitute just off the 3am shift.

And finally, seeing as this is all about the news, here’s wholesome Brit TV presenter Angela Scanlon:

Maybe I should just call this the “Ginger” section…


  1. Out of all of them the last one is the only one I’d even consider.
    She looks like someone you could even have a conversation with.

  2. …also banned: any report involving Nigora Bannatyne, and let’s not even talk about the word “denigrating”. The knights who say “Ni” were unavailable for comment.
    Alas, neither was Governor Lepetomane.

  3. Kim,
    when you post the pop culture stuff, I give myself a point for every name, TV show or movie I don’t know or haven’t seen. Usually I score high. Unfortunately I know about the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. I’m not surprised that the kardashian show is ending. Got to show loss of income in order to get their hands on her soon to be ex husband’s earnings.

    Vogue, all of it can go to the ash heap. They’ve never printed anything positive about people. They set ridiculous standards for women etc.

    I thought florida was our equivalent to Wales. Often headlines start “a Florida man….”


  4. JQ: My understanding of the “Florida Man” phenomenon is that it is a result of Florida making police logs available to all on the internet. This includes many incidents that in other states a reporter could only discover by making friends with a talkative cop and enduring “endless war stories”, hanging about courtrooms while many petty crimes are being rushed through the process, or even going to the precinct and reading the logs on paper and on site. Thus, when a journalist (which is somehow much less than a reporter) is facing a deadline without a proper story to report, he-she-it (whatever the preferred gender) can go to the internet and skim through Florida police logs until he-she-it finds something amusing enough to work as a filler.

    And since most of this filler goes straight to internet media sites, there’s no worry about whether it is worth the newsprint and ink. And it’s likely that the only editor that must be satisfied is a robot, who rates the journalists by how many words they turn in and how well they meet the deadlines, whether they found some stock photo to go with the words (but not whether it is relevant, because a robot can’t tell), and mainly by how many clicks the items get.

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