Here we go again:

A Sarpy County jury on Wednesday found a 38-year-old woman guilty of 11 felony counts in connection with child sexual assault and abuse that occurred at alcohol-fueled sleepovers with pre- and young teens.

It gets better:

Authorities said Greer provided alcohol and marijuana-infused gummy bears to her 11-year-old daughter and her friends at weekend sleepovers in 2017 and 2018.

Wouldn’t be a crime if it was Oregon or California, but it’s Nebraska:

Greer faces a maximum sentence of life in prison next month when she is set to be sentenced.

That said, I’m offering odds on her getting a suspended sentence Because She’s A Woman So Shut Up.


  1. I know I was behind the times starting several decades ago… But, marijuana-infused gummy bears? A child’s snack? – Her child’s…? Depraved. She deserves to go away for a long time.

    I’d think (hope) the Huskers won’t just enable this abuse.

  2. Yeah, plying pre-teens with drugs and alcohol and then taking liberties with them… if I were a betting man, I’d say she’s going to do some serious time.

    1. agree

      Since tar was popular in the 18th century, have we developed any adhesives that would work better and faster? I know that the advantage of tar is that it is applied while very hot. Unfortunately, the heat may damage the recipient’s nerve endings and decrease the discomfort while the feathers are removed.

      I think there was a tax collector in Boston in the 1700s that was decorated with tar and feathers twice. He was an ardent loyalist.


    1. Narcissistic self-indulgence at the expense of minors, coupled with a complete disregard for the possibility of negative consequences to herself.

      “I imagine a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”

    1. I have questions for the parents who let their sons go to a sleepover at a little girls house.

  3. She’ll eventually walk. My bet’s on ‘probation’. Poor single mom, distraught and worried, just lost her head and didn’t really mean to harm anyone. Yeah, right.
    Had this been a man, his head would already be, figuratively, separated from his neck !
    What the hell is WRONG with these people ???

    1. It’s true. If this had been a man a conviction wouldn’t have even been necessary. If you’re a man, an accusation alone gets you convicted in the court of public opinion.

    2. Yep. It was all her husband’s fault! He was such a lowlife horndog, no wonder she did these things. Why, he wanted it three times a week, and even wanted the lights on!

      She’s just suffering from PTSD, the traumatized woman trying to find men without the corrupting influence of College Rape Culture and the old boys’ network after women got ahold of it in the seventies and eighties.
      Minimum sentence, probation, and the easiest probation anybody’s ever seen.

      The court can’t award custody of the daughter to the nasty, sex pervert husband, and CPS is in favor of reuniting children with biological parents where one is known, so the daughter goes back to the pore innocent mother.

  4. I remember high school parties over fifty years ago, when “Jimmy’s” mother (not the real name) was in great demand as a chaperone because she made a better lookout than chaperone. But the kids were several years older than in this case, and she wasn’t sleeping with any of them. Nor did she let us get into “Jimmy’s” father’s stash of illicit pharmaceuticals…

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