1. She looked pretty good boinking Steve Martin in LA Story in her portrayal as SanDeE. But that was 30 years ago.

  2. When did she?

    Straight out of Central Casting it seems after a quick google. Surname Parker in this case is anglicized Bar Kahn and Papa Parker a Brooklynite. As one ages, one begins to express more fully one’s phenotype.

  3. Ugh. Just ugh now. Used to be some passable Horseface back in the (long ago) day! Imagine being Matthew Broderick, and waking up to this everyday!

  4. (I hesitated giving that nincompoop any of my day, then realized I need to focus on BOLSHEVICS because.)

    Homely as an old mule.
    Grating new york city nasal blatting.
    Her popularity is a mystery to me.

    Was the ugly stick involved?
    Rhetorical, don’t answer.

    Next in today’s celebrity celebration:
    * Did Socrates or Plato brush with Gleam© or Colgate©?

  5. She is a Poster Child for practicing the art of doing it Doggy Style.

    Foreplay consists of gagging her, and blindfolding yourself.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. I guffawed when Jeremy Clarkson, in a Top Gear segment, said SJP “looks like a boiled horse.”

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