Machiavelli And All That

Saith Insty, who is wise and wonderful:

“So why has the establishment turned on [NYGov Andrew] Cuomo?  It’s not his misbehavior — they always knew about that and didn’t care.  My theory:  Kamala will be president before 2024, and she’s quite unlikable and didn’t garner a single Democratic delegate in the primary.  They’re trying to bump off a potential primary challenger, and with Gavin Newsom already self-neutralized, Cuomo is the biggest remaining threat.”

Machiavellian?  Not especially.

Yeah… gawd forbid the Socialists should get behind a mass murderer of the elderly as their Presidential candidate.


      1. Biden will get 2 years and 1 day if at all possible. Harris will contest the next election as sitting president. That way she gets a possible 10 years (less 1 day) as president.

        1. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that Plugs will spend 731 days in the Oval Office – other than being the contents of an urn.

      2. How about how soon there’s a Covid-19 +P+ level lockdown to combat Glo-Bull Worming and Climate Change?

  1. Somewhere else (probably in Insty’s comments section), I said several weeks ago that the Presidementia won’t survive to the end of the year. They’re going to 25th Amendment his ass out of there by Memorial Day, and there’s no way that the Cum Dumpster will accept being referred to as “Acting President Harris”. He’ll have an unfortunate “accident” that is only slightly more believable than Epstein’s.

    1. Just as soon as Joe signs all the onerous EOs and legislation, he’s gone, and she gets none of the heat.

    2. That was an issue when William Henry Harrison died. There was a body of opinion, centered in his cabinet that the VP was acting president. Tyler wasn’t having any of that and he made his position stick not only for himself but for all subsequent VPs that became President. Tyler’s position was informally enforced until the 25A came along 125 years later. The 25A did retain the concept of acting President in the event of Presidential disability but not of death or removal.

  2. Wasn’t getting Harris into the White House the plan all along ?
    Just wait, ‘you ain’t seen nu’thin’ yet’ !
    Proving Joe’s ‘incapacitated’ will be a cake walk – unless the ‘dementia’ was an act all along !
    I put NOTHING past the , I’ll be charitable, creatures we now have running this country into the ground !

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