The World’s Luckiest Man II

Some time back, I nominated Norman Reedus as the luckiest man in the world.  Now I see that Actor and Dork Jason Sudeikis may be challenging for the title:

Why?  Because he has slept with, serially, the following women.  First up, Olivia Wilde:

…and then, mere weeks after she left him for some pop star, he’s been assuaging his sorrow by immersing himself in the pudenda of Page 3 Girl Keeley Hazell:

Once again, for the mathematically-inclined:

Maybe it’s not luck, but that’s not for me to establish.


  1. The man with one of the best claims for this is Tate Donovan. Moderately successful B-list actor who was with Sandra Bullock for four years, and then moved on to Jennifer Aniston for three. A couple of years after Aniston, he also dated Lauren Graham.

  2. Kim, Kim, Kim. With your music background, you surely know that the luckiest man in the world is Richard Starkey.

  3. In that last one are you implying an overlap as in a threesome? In that case he would be the luckiest man alive.

  4. The guy that has all of them beat: John Derek. He went from being a minor Hollywood actor to a photographer, who was quite successful selling nude pictures of his last 3 wives: Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, and finally a 16 year old girl, 30 years younger than him, whom he introduced to Hollywood as “Bo Derek”. He was definitely a dirty old man, but she stuck with him until his death.

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