The World’s Luckiest Man

This is one-time supermodel (and still-gorgeous) Helena Christensen, from Denmark:

…and this is one-time model and current actress Diane Kruger, from Germany:

So the question of the day is:  Apart from modelling, what do these two examples of extreme pulchritude have in common?

Answer:  Both women have had children fathered by Norman Reedus.

Let that sink in for a moment… and for the math geeks among you, here’s the diagram:

Still in math mode:  Q.E.D.


  1. It’s the moustache and the mole. Either one, you’re just a boytoy; got both, you’re alpha.

  2. Ah now, Norman. Aka he who has not washed his b***s for ten series of the walking dead – and many many women STILL would. Well known womb trembler pic of Norman holding a baby gives ladies the vapours. Allegedly. Not me of course. I prefer my men groomed 🙂

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