News Roundup

Commentary short and sharp, like one of these:

perhaps I can be of some assistance, here:

And in related news:

and it’s a good thing we Texans don’t actually care what this asshole thinks.

More Chinkvirus silliness:

coming up:  more from Captain Obvious in a later bulletin.

if by “country” he meant “the IT industry” , then he’d be largely correct.

and three hours later, he stabbed some more people.

just a thought:  perhaps this kind of thing would end if police officers “hurled” lead projectiles at charging BLM protesters.

to quote Professor Glenn Reynolds:  “Run. Them. Down.”

now if they could just add Cialis to the formula, men would be lining up around the block to buy the stuff.

and quite justifiably so:

If I’d posted that pic in my weekly Caption Competition feature, the winning comment would probably have been:  “See? Even whores can cook!”


  1. Re: The strangled strangler story. The money quote:
    “Kibbe’s 40-year-old cellmate was standing nearby.”

    Is there any way to find out his name. I’d like to make a donation to his commissary account.

  2. “Wut? Biden: Indian Americans ‘are taking over this country.’”

    Biden may have a bit of tunnel-vision. Recall who’s up to take over when Sundown Joe is put to pasture in a few months….

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