I’ll Take “1” For $500, Alex

Well now, isn’t this special?

A woke offensive has taken the nation’s schools by storm in the aftermath of the George Floyd fallout, but instead of the intended purpose of solving racial inequities it’s irritated parents of all persuasions.
In interviews with DailyMail.com, parents say they’ve been overwhelmed by education reformers seeking to impose anti-racist agendas on America’s schools. They describe the efforts as well-intentioned but often rushed, condescending, insulting and poorly timed, coming during a global pandemic when most families are just trying to get by.

Yeah, well, sorry folks, but this is anything but well-intentioned:  these assholes are trying to eradicate your history, your heritage and your culture.  Herewith one of the tools they’re using:

And the handy-dandy little crib sheet:

First things first:  someone needs to take this Barndoor Hissy out back and either horsewhip his sorry ass, or else apply the old Chinese Solution To Social Problems (which includes making his surviving family pay for the cartridge).

Or both.

In the meantime, let’s hear it for Whitey:


  1. Seems to me like they could pare this down to three major identities:
    – Racist
    – Racist and doesn’t realize it
    – Racist but it’s okay since they agree with liberal idealogy

  2. They want a race war. I’d like to think that that wouldn’t turn out the way they expect, but I no longer have any confidence in that:-(. Too many White people think acknowledging their own race is evil, while at the same time encouraging racial solidarity in every *other* race is good.

  3. I’m only half white so I’m not sure how much of it applies to me. On the other hand, it could be they subscribe to the one drop rule – just one drop of wicked white blood makes me irretrievably despicable. All I ask is that they say despicable just like Daffy Duck does.

    1. If the other half of your ancestry is east Asian, they’ll count you as white. In spite of formerly being subject to discrimination as bad as any blacks faced, the Americans of Chinese and Japanese descent have become quite successful – and to the woke, all successful people are white, except for Obama and Harris.

  4. “Our world is not divided by race, color, gender, or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender, or religion.” – Mohamad Safa, Lebanese UN rep.

    Not often you see common sense emanating from the UN. Pigs’ll flying out of my butt shortly.

  5. The odd part is that the louder these idiots screech, the more they push people to the lower end of this scale. Normal people see crap like the stuff Burn/Loot/Murder did last year, Chicago crime stats, etc. and start to ask impolite questions.

  6. The Arizona Department of Education came out and stated white babies, and white babies only, are racist. They start showing their hate as early as three months.

    I can’t take it anymore, STOP the insanity!!!

  7. Same tired old lefty shit of redefining language to mean the opposite of its normal use. So define supporting a functional, civilised modern society as white supremacist (which is a bad thing) and supporting a backward racist hustle as a good thing using words with existing but different meanings.

    They can go fuck themselves (apologies for intemperate language). By their definition I’m a white supremacist and proud of it. In real English I believe in high standards and equality of opportunity, whatever your colour or background.

    1. You absolutely owe an apology. For failing to tell them to go fuck themselves. WITH A CHAINSAW.

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