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Best opening in a news article*:

This week, Matt Meyer did what many parents long to do. He dropped off his kid at school. That’s unusual in Berkeley, California, where he lives, because the schools there have been closed for a year, and the teachers’ union adamantly opposes their reopening. Parents like Mr. Meyer who can afford private schools, which are mostly open, send their kids there. His child has been there since last June. So he dropped off his child and drove off to his job.
His job is head of the Berkeley teachers’ union. His main task there is to keep the public schools closed for everyone else.

[insert “fucking hypocrite” joke here]

*so far.  “Barack Obama dies painfully” would beat it.


  1. That’s the kind of person right there that needs to have his whole head blowed clean off, boy. Parasitic asshole.

  2. Stop paying teachers and see how fast they change their minds about reopening schools.

    1. I don’t think it’s the teachers themselves (generally; some exceptions apply) who are blocking things. The few teachers I know are all about what’s best for the kids. Now if we could stop paying the union parasites until the schools reopened we’d see light-speed progress.

  3. There are a lot of Leftists out there who are more than happy with other people’s children staying home and learning all about Minecraft. Particularly if they are minorities. These Leftists like the idea that the system makes it hard for other kids to learn in school because that gives the benefit to their own. Keeping disruptive kids in class to disrupt learning by the ones whose parents want them to learn, and their own schools bribing them with high grades for their children so no one looks that closely at what they are actually learning, if anything substantive.
    I know this because of my Leftist brothers and their left-of Khmer Rouge wives. Or at least when they spoke to me before they thought more of getting some digs in than being a good host and hostess.

  4. I’m surprised that people are clamoring to open the communist indoctrination centers.

    Considering that schools have been closed for close to a year, I’m surprised parents haven’t looked for home schooling resources.


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