Of Course They Are

Let’s hear it for European Wokism:

More than 90 per cent of severely ill coronavirus patients in Germany have a ‘migrant background’, a leading doctor has said, prompting claims that the government is turning a blind eye to the issue to avoid igniting a race row.

‘There are parallel societies in our country. You can only put that right with proper outreach work in the mosques, but we’re not getting through. And that sucks,’ he said.

Guess those niqabs aren’t helping them much, huh?

Which leads to another interesting question:  Are face condoms worthless?

In related news, Texas will lose all the stupid Chinkvirus restrictions next Monday.  If I weren’t staying in a hotel, I’d be building a bonfire for all those stupid and, as it turns out, useless masks…


  1. You can only put that right with proper outreach work in the mosques,

    Or they could expel the invaders from their country. But anything other than national suicide is decried as “racism” nowadays, and there’s nothing worse than being accused of *that*!

    1. Some of those “invaders” (gastarbeiters) have been there for two generations, and their status is an ongoing point of contention between Berlin and Ankara (for one).

      1. Why would Ankara want the troublemakers back? Jordan didn’t want the refugees, nor Syria, nor Egypt. I think some of them wound up in Lebanon, and look what it got THEM?
        I saw a National Geographic article on the Palestinian refugee problem from back in the early sixties, and the photographs made them look more bedraggled than Haitians or Belizians do today after earthquakes and hurricanes. My thought as a thirteen-year-old was, “How long have they been refugees? They could at least pick up around their camp. And I was thirteen, and thought I was liberal.

  2. “Are face condoms worthless?”

    Well, I’m the one in a million (I’m guessing). In the middle of Covid season I caught a regular cold. I bet most people don’t even realize the regular cold still exists. And yes, face condom and everything, so obviously face condoms don’t work for squat.

    Hurray for Abbot finally rescinding that order.

    Tar and feathers for the fact he didn’t do it 2 weeks after starting the order last year. Greatly disappointed in his so-called leadership.

    1. Our housemate still works (security at a local casino) and has to wear the Magic Muzzle™ for 40+ hours a week. Last fall he got a really nasty lower respiratory infection, had to take a week off work, and get tested for WuFlu. And of course he was negative for it. But I’m pretty sure the mask is why he got sick. He’s had a lot more upper and lower respiratory issues in general since the Great Muzzling began.

      Which is one of many reasons why I won’t wear the things. If I’m already prone to lung problems, why would I do something guaranteed to put me at greater risk?

  3. I’m tired already. I’ve been telling people (might as well be talking to a wall) that the diameter of the virus (spikes and all) is ~0.4 microns in diameter and the smallest pore size in the mask is 80 microns, which means you can have 200 little virus particles marching shoulder-to-shoulder through the holes in your mask.
    “I don’t have any holes in my mask!” one woman screams at me angrily, “I only buy the best.”
    Please! At this point I’m begging: “Give me a wall.”

  4. If you don’t have any holes in your mask, how the h*** are you BREATHING THROUGH IT ??

  5. According to Aesop 72% of the Covid folks in his hospital in CA were Hispanic. No information on legal status.

  6. I wear a face mask because its required around here and I wear all my PPE properly at work. I still got COVID. The cloth masks only work to keep the nagging Karen’s off of my back. The sheep gobbled up whatever the idiot box tells them.

    Good for FL, TX, MS and other states that never mandated masks or lifted the requirement. Now if that could spread and the Karens sent to hell that would be great


  7. I find, here in NV, that the Karens are more upset about the 1911 on my hip than that I’m not wearing a diaper, and they are like the proverbial “tar-baby”: They don’t say nothin’ (about either).

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