Monday Funnies

Egads!  it’s Monday…

as long as they’re low-fat (the nudists, not the waffles)

So, to help you on your way into the week:

And when those sidebar ads just can’t be tolerated anymore:

I don’t care what you say, that’s pure genius (says the guy who has taped his laptop’s power cord into place, and covered his impossible-to-disable touchpad with thick cardboard).


And still on those nether regions:

and as this piece is useless wifout pichurs:

Never mess with South African chicks… they are as tough as old biltong, and they take shit from nobody.

Now try to get that picture out of your mind as you make the weekly supermarket trip.


  1. SA Woman…..
    I liked the reaction of the cutie in line behind her: Smile and applause.

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