Relaxing Shooting

As it’s Sunday, what better way to while away a little time than to watch the peerless Dave Carrie’s tours of various birdshooting estates?  So load up a large mug of coffee / brandy, and enjoy.

Trump Turnberry

Yorkshire Moors

Belvoir Castle (pronounced “beevah”)

Hunting With Beefy (Sir Ian Botham is one of the greatest cricketers England has ever produced)


Videos made before the Chinkvirus screwed it all up, of course.

And as always, a lovely way to pass the time.

And just to show what UK hunters have to put up with, here’s Rachel Carrie (no relation to Dave) and the reaction to her activities.


  1. When I watch these videos I always think of Bubba showing up in Realtree camo carrying a well used Winchester model 12 or old Remington 870. When its time to have a drink he opens a Mason jar of the finest aged (Tuesday) moonshine.

  2. I have done pheasant tower shoots five times, kind of a poor second cousin to the real Brit stuff but a hell of a lot of fun. Shooting high flying birds takes a fair amount of practice and I was able to do a it of that at the Dallas Gun Club as a guest of a couple of members, that really helped when I was actually able to go to the tower shoots. Where we shot in Central Oklahoma local dog trainers would bring their dogs out to collect the birds as they were shot, high school boys working part time would pick the birds up from time to time and then they would clean and bag them up while we had a decent barbecue lunch. They went out of business after the oil boom turned South in 2014 and our last time was 2015. Son shot a 12 ga. Beretta 686 and I shot my 20 ga. Beretta 686 and a good time was had by all, usually about eight of our dove hunting group from Texas would get together for that and evening of dining and a morning of shooting.

  3. I clicked on the link to read the article about this lady. The Daily Mail showed a picture of her holding an over/under shotgun which the author described as her “rifle”. It drives me crazy that “journalists” cannot accurately describe what they are writing about. People just can’t seem to leave others alone to do what they want. Too many busybodies in the world.

    1. Don’t ever expect any kind of knowledge or understanding from a journo, and you won’t be disappointed.
      I remember once talking to a cop who said that of the four dozen or so cases he’d held press briefings on, the eventual press reports had got not just facts, but salient facts wrong in every single case. That was true of both TV and newspapers.

    2. I’ve heard several writer of fiction bitterly complain how they have to do extensive research, create compelling characters with real motivations, and ensure the setting and plot are internally consistent. Journalists, on the other hand? Nada. They get to write utter bullshit with impunity.

  4. I done you one better!
    I went to my club late this morning and discovered that they have resumed regular club shooting competition. So I sat and BS’d with a couple of non shooters until the match was done, marveled at the scores I can no longer shoot and then went on the range and satisfied my soul. 70 rds through my S&W M&P compact .22, 20 rds through my S.A. compact 9mm carry pistol and 30 rds through my beloved S&W model 15 revolver. (gotta conserve that center fire ammo, there ain’t no more small pistol primers around)
    Beautiful day, warm, and I managed to clang the 50 yard steel – – – – well the .22 just pinged it, more times than not.

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