Marking Time

The story of the film so far:

Apartment is still closed, some standing water, interior is humid like New Orleans on a midsummer day after a rainstorm, but cold like Chicago is… now, come to think of it.  No water, of course, but occasional electricity(!!)

The hotel’s wifi is still down (WTF?), but I can make a temporary hotspot with my phone and communicate with the outside world that way, except that the download time is measured in units like the old dial-up/modem connections (remember them?) so I’m not going to be anywhere like as much as I normally am.

– Good news is that I don’t think the insurance company is going to try and screw us, but time will tell on that one.  So far they have been nothing but understanding — especially when I told Insurance Agent Man that a.) the guns weren’t damaged and b.) we’d managed to keep the Persian rugs away from the water.  The sigh of relief was quite audible.

– Bad news is that because New Wife is an hourly worker, she’s not going to get paid for this past week because her school was closed, so… you know all those generous contributions y’all have been making?  Noses above water, especially as next week is Car(s) Payment Time — and once again, our sincerest thanks for your generosity.

I’ll try to post more, but please bear with me.  Aaaaargh.  In the meantime, here’s something to put a smile on your face:

I found those (all packed with loose ammo) when I was cleaning out the gun stuff.  Left to right:  .45 ACP, .357 Mag and .223 Rem.

Except of course I don’t own any guns which shoot .357 Mag or .223 Rem.  Go figure.

Update:  For all those interested in the “spare ammo”, I’m sorry.  As soon as I found it, I found it a good home because I didn’t want to hassle with it, and posted about it much later.


  1. Since you may have lost those firearms in a canoeing accident, you could probably sell that ammo right now and pay-off your car loan. Of course back-filling it would be tricky. Good luck, keep your chin up. Real America is concerned about our brethren in Texas. Amerika may not be.

  2. Your “neighbors” upstairs may not have been totally to blame. I’ve heard that much of the home/apartment flooding is due to water in the sprinkler systems, whose pipes (I’m just guessing here) never even merited consideration for insulation. Those sprinklers were to keep you safe and prevent major structural damage. Quelle ironie.

  3. Actually, if the insurance companies find that there are more claims than their claims department predicted, and they find themselves feeling threatened financially by their exposure, they could still decide to cheat you all.

    And discussing cheating of another variety, mail order purchase of ammunition is illegal in California, the communo-fascists.
    I haven’t seen the statute to see if the mailing of ammunition not purchased is also illegal, or since it would be a gift (or part of a gift exchange between friends) whether it would therefore be legal.

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