1. At the annual re-union of CrisisActors Local 135, an impromptu ‘riot’ was just one of the fun festivities planned by the shop-stewards… followed by the usual buffet luncheon!

  2. On his way to clash with police over the evil of global mega corporations, Chas realized he left his iPhone in the car so he wouldn’t be able to post on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

  3. I can assure you that, if you don’t piss me off, no one will get hurt.

    Glad I missed this get-together.

    I would like to know the context and constituency of this melee.

    1. Context?

      I believe this was prior to the luncheon buffet, and it had something to do with the caterers bringing fruity Jello© ‘salad’ like old-folks eat instead of that yellow pudding but it doesn’t taste yellow.

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