1. The lady (yeah, I know, but the site would lock up if I used all the required quotation marks around “lady”, so use your imagination) yelling at the cat was the most popular meme of 2019, but Epstein really hung in there.

  2. RE: Lydia, the Tattooed Lady
    Springtime! I find myself strangely attracted to the idea of stopping to smell the roses.

  3. That first picture: I would try to figure out a way to keep most of those icicles on there. Seeing that thing coming, people *would* get out of your way.

    1. I agree. Some things are definitely worth the effort in spite of there being severe practical disadvantages to them.

  4. Ok, I guess I’m odd, but the young woman with the tats and the dog strikes me as a better bet than 90% of the tat-less teenybopper pinups that infest the ‘net. She looks like she might actually have an idea or three. They may be tripe, but even tripe is an improvement on meringue. I knew I had Early Onset Geezerhood when I was in my thirties, and working in a mall, and realized that my gut reaction to all the scantily clad teenybopper flesh on view was “ *sigh* But she’d want to TALK afterwards, and she has nothing upstairs but egg whites, sugar, and air pockets.”

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