Old Times, Good Times

This made me expel some breakfast gin out of my nose:

German officials are being forced to convert refugee camps into the new network of Covid detention facilities, because all the really good camps are currently filled with tourists taking photos and Jews making documentaries.  It’s a lesson that every oppressive regime needs to learn:  Don’t turn your best concentration camps into museums;  you never know when they might be needed again.

Arbeit macht Krankfrei, in other words.




  1. As one of my favorite preachers would say “if you can’t say amen, you ought to at least say ouch”

  2. I wanna know more about Breakfast Gin.
    Is it really a thing and if so, please elaborate. I had a pink gin cocktail at breakfast in Malta 30 years ago, liked it, but can’t remember what was in it. Seems like a splendid way to start my day.

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