News Roundup

All the news that causes universal facepalming.

just one more way for government to give it to you in the ass.

Still on the topic of the Chinkvirus:

errrr “demanded”?  Guess that “Brexit” thing hasn’t sunk in yet.

in so many ways, Professor.

not mentioned:  the typical profile of the criminals.  (I’m not taking bets.)

I predict that this is going to happen more than once over the next few years.

I haven’t laughed this hard since “Dr.” Jill Biden caught her tits in a revolving door.

errrrr no.  You wanted the evil colonialist Whitey gone, so we left.  You wanted loans, we gave you loans, which you pissed away.  Now the Chinks are bending you over the table, and you want Whitey to come back to save your incompetent, corrupt asses?  Ain’t gonna happen.  (See the New Mexico case study in the post below.)

a picture, in this case, being worth a thousand words:

  …I just like the fact that she keeps it in her office and not in the bedroom.

Finally, a bit of news that’s actually educational:

for obvious reasons, among them being that she’s probably more responsive in bed than a lot of “real” women.

Here’s a deluxe-model sex doll:

…I think.  I could be wrong.


  1. No comment option on the Africa story. Personally I sympathize, but not enough to support spending one red penny, or one drop of American blood, to bail out the Africans. Not our circus, not our monkeys.

    With any luck (probably shouldn’t say that lest I jinx it) the ChiComs and the Mohammadeans will slaughter one another there and we won’t have to get involved. Of course with the Biden junta in place here in the fUSA I’m sure we’ll end up sacrificing ever more of our blood and treasure to no good end over there. Probably we’ll see a massive influx of “refugees”, because we don’t have enough Somalis or Muslims yet.

  2. The Africa story should be filed under “Unintended, but perfectly predictable outcomes”
    We are already starting to see this in voters that voted against Trump, but are now seeing the perfectly predictable outcome of a Democrat run State.

      1. Check the middle of the top (interior) shelf of the bookshelf over her right shoulder.

        Hint: it’s pink.

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