1. Are you really sure you want to do that?

    Alexa – Run a report for me, sorted by zip code. Give me names and address of all the 2nd amendment supporters who bought Firearms, ammunitions or related accessories in the last year along with what they purchased, quantity and caliber.

    Give me a minute Mr. B ……… OK… Here’s your report.

  2. Alexa…….Now compare that list with the list of registered firearms and tell who bought accessories or ammunition in calibers where they don’t have comparable registered firearms.

    Here’s your report of probable unregistered firearms Mr. B,

    1. I’ve been on that list since about 2002. Also, since Amazon doesn’t allow ammo purchases through their poxy service…

      1. When the brouhaha over Amazon selling ammunition came up about five years ago or so, I seem to recall that they also owned Gunbrokers or GunsAmerica. They aren’t going to pass up money just to virtue-signal.

  3. Just because they don’t sell it, doesn’t mean that Amazon / Google Data Services does’nt have access to databases of ammo sales. It’s easy enough to link data from all sorts of different sources. Data does not have to live on the same systems to be connected.

  4. Good on you, Kim! I’ve supported the Revolutionary War Veterans Association for years. They do the Appleseed shoots.

  5. I’d be a wee bit leery of that as well. I just don’t see those guys supporting anything like the First or Second Amendments. And the data collection point is valid. I’m betting their “Foundation” has nothing to do with supporting the amendment and an awful lot to do with tearing it down. Classic misdirection of donations via a nebulous foundation name.

    1. Or, to use the name that was popular 100 years ago, a “Trust”, as in the Cheka’s “Trust” in Paris, combined with the newly revealed fact that the Proud Boys’ leader was revealed yesterday to be a government informer (agent provocateur is more like it), I reference the old saw about paranoia, and when it’s not paranoia.

    2. The current president of the Second Amendment Foundation is Mas Ayoob who has been one of the premier firearms trainers in the US since about 1974 and has written numerous books and over a thousand articles on firearms self defense.

      The SAF was founded by Alan M. Gottlieb who is also the chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms which is the lobbying arm of the SAF which he formed in 1971 (three years before the SAF) because he felt that the NRA was not taking a strong enough stand on gun rights. If you’re not familiar with his name then you need to look the legal case where New Orleans was successfully sued for violating 2A rights during Hurricane Katrina and the case where the San Francisco gun ban was struck down and note that he was lead counsel. The SAF also employed lead counsel Alan Gura for the landmark D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago cases which have fundamentally changed the Constitutional precedents for 2A cases, as well as being currently involved in several high profile cases currently. I actually can’t think of a single organization that has done MORE for 2A rights in my lifetime and the fact that Amazon Smile has netted them over $200,000 gives me a nice feeling of Schadenfreude.

      You don’t hear about them because they keep a rather low profile. My support of the NRA is to keep them in place as the punching bag for the idiot anti-gunners who focus on them and leave SAF free to do the actual legal work that may actually make a difference, my support of the SAF is what actually protects my guns rights.

  6. While I can’t speak to who or what the Second Amendment Foundation is, I can say that Amazon Smile has donated it’s .5% to the Commonwealth Second Amendment (501(c)(3) MA lawfare gun rights org at comm2a.org) since I signed up with it several years ago. I know this, because comm2a releases the numbers they get from Amazon Smile every year.

    I will admit I’m somewhat baffled that Amazon hasn’t shut down the gun related donations, it’s probably along the line of their lawyers explaining to them why discriminating against any 501c3 is a liability loser and will cost them.

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