1. The press gets two benefits from this angle.

    First, they get to keep beating on Trump for everything that Biden does wrong.

    Second, they get to convert all of the “Florida Man” stories into “MAGA Man” stories.

  2. Median age of Florida residents is higher than Texas (by 7.4 years), probably a lot higher in the winter. Oddly enough Maine has the highest median age in the country, and my state of New Hampshire is number two. Apparently the younger people head south to live now.

  3. My guess is that a lot of the ‘snowbird’ population in Florida would no longer be significant…which is a net positive for Florida, and other proper groups.

    Instead of thinking of individual nation-states, think about groupings of states: Not a 50-state nation, but perhaps 6-8 state confederations (Texas is large and independent enough to go it alone, likely). Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia? Maybe the Carolinas?

    Same with the ‘northern redoubt’. Montana, Wyoming, North/South Dakota, Idaho, eastern Washington and Oregon…. A great plains group – Nebraska, Kansas…. you get the idea.

    1. Add Louisiana to that Southern Group for control of the Gulf Coast; and NV (less Carson City, Washoe County, and Clark County) to that Northern Tier.

  4. I’m thinking Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana/Arkansas/Mississippi/Alabama/Florida:
    “The United States of Texas” (See what I did there? LOL).

    Tennessee can join if they want, we could use the whisky. South Carolina can join too; after all they started the first War Between the States.

    Well, OK, Georgia………but only if they promise to burn Atlanta(again) first. A 15KT should do it, carve out downtown while leaving Peachtree and Kennesaw intact.

    There would be plenty of oil, plenty of timber, good agriculture, and some really nice beaches. We would even have our own Space Port, and Elon can run it.

  5. Whatever changes happen, there needs to be a substantial port on the Pacific Coast, both for commerce and defense… And most of California/Oregon/Washington’s population is west of US 101, that’s where the border should go (maybe a carve-out around Sacramento).

  6. Texas might stand a better chance; it has the oil and Texans.

    Termite, forget about Tennessee; living here for almost thirty years, my observation is they’re too chickenshit to do anything that rocks the boat.

  7. Florida.

    Why? Because Texans are more likely to do something rash and stupid like attack a federal military installation unprovoked, thus bringing the wrath of the rest of the US down on them.

    Roy – Who is giggling while running and ducking the storm he just provoked.

  8. If you look at the county election map there is practically a red diagonal from Montana to Florida, also note that even ” blue ” states often have a a lot of red counties, in GA for eg it was Atlanta that cheated ” Chairman Xiden ” in the WH but large part of the state are red. Same in CA, OR & WA and proly other States too.

    1. They’ll only burn Atlanta if Texas agrees to build a wall around Austin and burn it.

  9. Texas, by far.

    All of our governmental processes are left over from being a country.
    We have our own electrical grid,
    We don’t have as many, if any, snowbirds
    We have ports,
    We have oil, and refineries.

    We have a population where most would not only vote for it, but support it and make it work.

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