Warm Up The Engines

When I saw this linked at Insty’s, I nearly fell over.   It’s an overview of the very first bill (H.R.1) proposed by the new House of Representatives, the grand-sounding “For the People Act of 2021”, whose preamble reads:

To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.

This has to be a hoax because the bill, if anything, entrenches all the above.

Except that it isn’t a hoax.  To check on that before I posted anything, I looked it up at congress.gov, and here it is, in all its disgusting splendor.

If one — ONE — Republican legislator in either chamber votes in favor of this, they should be subject to recall in their districts and replaced with someone who understands the actual sanctity of the vote.

That’s my official position.  The unofficial position I’ll leave to your imagination, but here’s a clue:


  1. My wife and I have been saying this since November, now that they’ve cheated their way into control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, their first act will be to make sure that no R will ever win again. TINVOWOOT.

  2. Also have been saying that IF they win this one they will NEVER give up the monopoly peacefully.
    They won and it – The United States as we have known it – is OVER.
    My opinion –
    We have been at war, economic war, with China for some time ( years if not decades ).
    They BOUGHT Biden and Princess Spread Eagle for the purpose of doing the only thing they could do to prove their dominance – wreck, beyond repair, the economy of the United States. Donald Trump was obviouslytaking the economy in the wrong direction !
    And that is exactly what is starting. Conspiracy ‘theory’ ? Maybe, and yet ………..
    If you think this ‘bill’ won’t pass, at least in some form, I have a bridge that you’re just gonna LOVE.
    Iconic, well maintained, maintained as well as anything else in New York, and it can be yours for a song ! Moving it is the buyers responsibility !
    There is no longer any sanctity to ‘the vote’ – anymore than there is sanctity to the ‘vote’ in Cuba.
    As far as the preamble,
    – ‘reduce the influence of big money’ – um, does that mean that lobbyists will no longer line up to deliver envelopes of CASH to ‘representatives’ ? Or just that no one with an ‘official’ net worth of more than $23.48 will be ‘allowed’ to run ?
    – ‘strengthen ethics rules ….’ – sure, they’ll ‘strengthen’ the rules and the rules will still be ignored just as they are now !! Wow, a surprise – these people, as a whole, have ethics !! ?? Who knew ??!!
    -‘implement other anti-corruption measures’ – There’s the catch-all that will allow and legally justify almost ANYTHING they want to ‘implement’ !
    – for the purpose of fortifying our democracy and for other purposes’ we DON’T LIVE in a democracy and this country has never been a democracy. The generational dumbing-down has finally reached the official Congressional level ! What they mean is fortifying their position of power. ‘And other purposes’ is legalese for ‘what-ever-in-the-hell-we-want-to-do'( TO YOU) !
    The solution ?
    Which of the Founders would YOU like to go to lunch with and ask them what they thought the solution to this situation might be. I believe they wrote it down somewhere !!

  3. I don’t speak legalese but I did see a section titled ‘Same Day Registration’. Umm… sorry, no.

  4. Senators and Representatives are NOT subject to recall, except with “Extreme Prejudice”.
    This is nothing more than an attempt to institutionalize the corrupt voting procedures that were test run in the past few elections.
    Anyone who votes for this POS is an Enemy of the Republic.

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