News Roundup

With commentary shorter than a female hobbit.

long on warning, short on details, e.g. how long should you abstain from that single malt?  One day, two weeks, forever?  (If forever, count me out:  I’ll take my chances with the Chinkvirus.)

and yet (speaking of sculptures of giant cunts) I find this less disgusting than the idea of adding Obama to Mount Rushmore.

remind me again how wonderful modern cars are.

and while you’re there, remind me again how much I hate the music business.

our latest entry in the “guess the scumbag’s race” competition.  Also from Chicago:

(that would be 0.35% in the blue dot, btw:  14 out of 4,018)

with the predictable outcome.  What makes this interesting is that the rozzers arrested and imprisoned the wrong people for the murders.

Veganuary and Dry January?
oh dear, I forgot.  Which reminds me, I need to slice up the biltong and get a fresh case of gin.

even allowing for Titsy’s hyperbole, I still got a thrill running down my leg.

which reminds me of the old bridge joke:  “If you’ve got a good hand, you don’t need a partner.”

And finally…

wait, Roller Girl is 50?  OMG I’m getting really old.


  1. Good morning Kim…

    I see you pulled down a graphic from Chicago’s very own HeyJackass,, and Second City Cop are good, accurate insights as to what’s really happening in Chicongo. Oh, almost forget … Chicago Contrarian has some good stuff too.

    And speaking of Chicago … anyone know anything about Second City Cop? I tried to read ’em this morning, only to find one must be an invited guest or some such clap-trap. Is Google again censoring content they deem “offensive” or “triggering” ?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Sounds like car designers never leave the city. If they have this problem in Britain imagine when the tech comes to Wyoming.

  3. Looks like Adele’s manager learned his trade at the feet of Col. Tom Parker. (Elvis’ manager for all you youngsters.)

  4. I disagree with the concrete sculpture in Brazil.

    * the vagina is the interior channel of a female reproductive tract.
    The vulva are external girly-bits; vulva are (poorly…) represented in that sculpture.

    Second, the mastermind of the misrepresentation is quoted:
    * “Currently these issues have become increasingly urgent.”
    I get the impression her day-job is running a desk at TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence.

  5. Good Monday, sir. Long time reader, occasional commenter. Turns out, the Aldi’s market in my little corner of the world has biltong. Need to get some and try it.
    stay safe

  6. I think adding Obama to Mount Rushmore is a fine idea. Think of the possibilities! We could drop him out of an airplane sans parachute, fire him from a cannon, or drive spikes through his wrists and ankles (since he likes to play messiah).

    Now adding Obama’s LIKENESS to Mount Rushmore…that’s a lousy idea.

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