In everyday terms, it’s called “stupidity”, “absentmindedness” or “careless”.

For all the Readers who emailed me to ask if I was okay, following the weekend’s late / non-existent posts, let me reassure you that I’m fine, just an idiot.

You see, the post that appeared on Sunday was actually supposed to appear on Saturday, only Idiot Kim scheduled the wrong date for it — hence the radio silence on Saturday — and yesterday’s post about… well, never mind, it’s too late now and will appear next Sunday.

And today’s New Roundup wasn’t completed, either — it sat completed, but Idiot Kim Pt. II hadn’t hit the “Update” button.   Please go back and see the completed version, which has a bikini pic.

This time, it’s not Hosting Matters’ fault, but mine all mine, I tell ya.

Personally, I blame the Democrats.

Normal blogging service will resume after a gallon of coffee.


  1. Aw Kim, You missed your chance. You coulda been like virtually everyone else & blamed it on
    Donald Trump!

  2. I’ll hearken back to days of blaming everything on W. It’s his fault I stumbled into the bathroom & put toothpaste on my razor.

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